As a former Starbucks barista, the colour of the cups never influenced me to follow hard after God.

The kindness which my customers (especially the Christians) showed me during the harder times while I work there and in the non chain coffee shop afterwards caused me to drop to my knees in grateful thanks for their words of encouragement, which always came when I needed them most.

God speaking through His kids has more influence when they go where the people who need to hear the Good News are.


I now work for one of those very clients who saw past the outer wrappings of the company & saw the potential in each staff which served him at Starbucks.

He helped call into the light that which God spoke to him about me.

God used him to encourage me to step into the fullness of what He has for me to fulfill my purpose.

Each of us can be that same influence everywhere we go.

Because the same Holy Spirit who helped shape us lives within each of His children. and He longs for us to step out into the very purpose He has shaped for us.

Now what He has for me may be very different from what He has prepared for you, but that isn’t the point.

If we don’t speak what we hear everywhere we go. the God who is wih us everywhere we go won’t be seen or heard or felt through us.

Everywhere we go, He is not only there by He joins us there. as He is always with us.

There are so many lonely, abandoned, broken and wounded hearts everywhere we go that are yearning from their very depths to know they matter. To hear they are wanted. To sense they are loved. To be met where they are at.

And God within us wants us to share the Good News that He is with us everywhere we go.

Whether the person knows Him or not everywhere you go.

I have been equally blessed by believers and unbelievers alike who followed His promptings.

Everywhere I go.

We need to become the people He wants us to be everywhere we go, to reach all those He is longing to bring into His embrace.

Which is everywhere on this earth.

For everyone matters to Him.

Everywhere we go.


love matters

Over the past several weeks, there have been world shaking events such as Nepal’s earthquakes.

In North America, we have been recently hearing news about Josh Duggar & Caitlyn Jenner.

They all have one thing in common… they all matter to God.

All His kids matter to Him.

The ones who know Him.
The ones who wander far.
The ones who come running.
The ones who don’t know Him.

Our part?
Not to judge, but to love.

Huh? you might be asking yourself.  What do I mean by that?

Only God can see the heart.
Only He was meant to judge.

We are to love ALL we encounter, whether live or via the media.

Because each person who has ever been, is and is yet to be born matters to Him.

Do I agree with everything I hear or see going on in the world around me? Absolutely not.

Yet God’s standards are to be my filter for how I respond, not my feelings.

I choose to pray, and speak love.

I pray for the Duggars. Its hard to have your sins made so public, and to have people’s judgment in response be so obvious.

I pray for the Jenners. Its hard to see a loved one privately struggle to decide who they are, and have the world decide they need to tell you how they feel about it.

I pray for Nepal. Its hard to lose your people to sudden tragedy, and be so dependent upon the rest of the world for its help to recover.

All of what matters to humanity matters to God, because we matter to Him.

His great love for us had Him pour out His all to show the world that love.

We need to be His hand & feet, spreading His Words & heart to the hurting, broken, confused we encounter each day.

Through thick & thin, we need to be the living reminder that Love wins.

Everyone deeply matters to God.

Our differences matter in how they keep us from Him & one another. 

May we be so found in His embrace that His love will become evident wherever we go.


our foundation

The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd.

Hebrews 11:1-2

It is only our faith in God which allows us to stand, even when surrounded by darkness.

Knowing He is our firm foundation helps us hold on, for it is our act of faith that distinguishes us here on this planet. From those who wander without an anchor tethering them through their lives.

And in the reaching out in faith towards Him, despite our doubts or what we can see about us, we find God has been reaching for us. Holding us close, anchoring us to Him, our firm foundation.

God with us, He makes life worth living. Despite the ups & downs you may be experiencing. Despite the brokenness and hopeless feelings you might feel. Despite being alone, lost or seeking shelter.

He alone can your life be built upon, this eternal foundation. God before all time & space as we know it.

Because let’s face it. Anything else is only temporary.

Feeling overwhelmed in the storm? Doubled over with pain, loss? Alone to your core? Listless and without purpose?

Reach for Him if you are searching for a life that matters.

Note: This verse and italicized words were first published Jan 14th, 2015 as a guest “Drop of Encouragement” that I wrote for Remade Ministries.  You can check it out at:
Drop of Encouragement- Our Foundation




Not a word we tend to think about apart from investing with our money.

I wouldn’t be here today without the investing that people, in God’s perfect timing, made in my life.

When I was at my lowest, love was poured into me.

God met me and pulled me out of the pit I had made of my life, reeling from what I had done in response to what had been done to me.

God got me. Accepted me as I was. Loved me as I was. Loved me for who I could become in His hands. Guided me towards help.

My life has been completely made over from His investment.

The transaction Jesus paid off to buy my freedom was an investment of love. Poured out to cover all I had done and will ever do. A love offering that keeps on loving in equal parts grace and mercy.

An investment in me, making me worthy; His.

I have had several mentors who came along side me when they saw I needed direction, and guided me as they poured into me. Helping me make wise choices, develop necessary skills, forgive as I needed, seek God’s face when at a crossroads.

Their investment of love allowed me to more fully live.

The life we live is impacted by those around us.

There will always be negative influences to block out with our shield of faith.  People who don’t like where you are headed as you follow God’s lead.

If God’s investment in me was worth His all, how can I respond with less than my all?

As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, coworker, God places people in my life for me to invest in.

To encourage, to love, to come alongside in times of need, to work together with, to share my hopes & dreams and encourage theirs.

It is in investing in love that we truly live.

Our purpose after loving God with all we are, is to love His people, all of them, with the love we have been shown.

An investing, overhauling, radical expression of love.

Love is the only thing that can change the world. 

In Jesus, it has, forever.

What better investment can we make with our lives than to follow His example.

Love the ones you are with, as He loves them.


I was inspired last week to use my words in a more unique way last week.

One of my coworkers was gearing up for a major licensing exam and a major sporting tournament this past weekend.

God laid it on my heart to social media bomb her with the following:
“You are amazing.”

I found some fun pics saying that phrase, and sent them to her regularly to show her I believed in her, and she could do it.

Everyone needs a word of encouragement sometime. And some times, yours may be the only one they get.

God is pleased when we invest in one another.

Take the time today to call, email, post or tweet your appreciation to someone who has invested in you.

The hash tags #YouAreAmazing & #youareamazingmarathon are available for you to use.

Imagine His smile if we set social media on fire with blessing and honoring one another with speaking the truth He speaks over us every day: “You are amazing, My child. You are a handcrafted unique one of a kind expression of My love. And I adore you!”

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to show your love. A batch of cookies, a card, flowers, cutting a neighbor’s lawn, a kind word…

As you invest in love, watch & see what God will do with it!

Care and compassion will always be on fashion.