when the wait seems too long…the embrace

Come, Thou long expected Jesus Born to set Thy people free From our fears and sins release us Let us find our rest in Thee. The people of Israel had been waiting…while in captivity in Babylon, through their rebuilding of their homeland, during the Roman occupation. Messiah?! When are You coming to deliver us? AndContinue reading “when the wait seems too long…the embrace”

John’s birth announcement

Ever wonder what John’s birth announcement would have looked like? That’s where my mind went last night. Imagine the birth announcement in the paper…. photo of Zachariah, infant John & Elizabeth, with godmother Mary “With each child, the world begins anew!” With great surprise & overwhelming joy, we announce the safe arrival of John, sonContinue reading “John’s birth announcement”

trusting His timing

Mary’s story continues on in Luke, and overlaps that of Elizabeth… We pick up the story with a newly pregnant Mary immediately leaving to go visit her cousin Mary, who is now 6 months pregnant. Elizabeth has only just recently returned home, as the Bible tells us she went off on her own for 5Continue reading “trusting His timing”