food for thought

There have been two occasions where people specifically listened to God and acted upon it, where the result ended up with my family being fed. When our children were quite small, circumstances left us tighter than usual for money with sick (a la chicken pox) children at home.  With about $50 to our name, weContinue reading “food for thought”

womb with a view

This title would not let me go: Womb with a view. What else would you call it? Jesus, one third of the Trinity, enfolded His divinity with the help of Holy Spirit and became flesh, bone & blood in a virgin’s womb. Wow. Just that action, a flash of a nanomoment in human time, sentContinue reading “womb with a view”

John’s birth announcement

Ever wonder what John’s birth announcement would have looked like? That’s where my mind went last night. Imagine the birth announcement in the paper…. photo of Zachariah, infant John & Elizabeth, with godmother Mary “With each child, the world begins anew!” With great surprise & overwhelming joy, we announce the safe arrival of John, sonContinue reading “John’s birth announcement”