moments like this

We have a desire to live our lives until the next big moment. To win the lottery, or award, whatever the big moment may look like to you. But waiting for your next big moment leaves you missing the hundreds of special moments in between…. Like your child saying I love you for the firstContinue reading “moments like this”

hand in pocket

I have done many things I am not proud of over the years, but one of the most awkward in the moment came to mind again recently… Hubby & I were on a date at Harvey’s. We moved to stand at the viewing/make it be made area after ordering, and I was chatting away toContinue reading “hand in pocket”

everything & nothing less

God uses what we love most to speak to us. For me, that is words, written or sung. In the span of 48 hours, an unexpected locked door, a trilogy of books,  the Word and a new CD all combined to knock me to my knees and speak deeply to my spirit. God was throughoutContinue reading “everything & nothing less”

without words

There are times when words fail me. And I am learning that that is okay. This weekend, I went away with a few of my closes friends up north a few hours from our homes. I was overwhelmed at God’s handiwork around us, and my eyes could hardly drink it all in quickly enough. WordsContinue reading “without words”