the struggle

Too many voices are being snuffed out.

Who have you lost to depression or mental illness?

Have your relationships been impacted so much you can nearly breathe from the pain?

Sometimes those who are the most talented can’t pull back from the edges of their greatness in time to miss seeing the void on the other side.

Just like roller coasters, we can ride high in a rush, the thrill of adrenaline surging, and suddenly drop so low it feels the bottom has dropped out beneath you.

And without hope catching you when you feel that fall, you can lose sight of why you should keep going, and stop talking about what is going on inside.

Without purpose, we falter.

Without love, we wither.

but most importantly,
without the hope of hope,
we begin to die.

If someone you know struggles with their moods, whether depression, anxiety or heartbreaking grief…

Keep a close eye on them.

Don’t just glance their way.

You can be that glimmer of hope they may be needing right before they reach their lowest point.

Help them to find their voice again,
before its too late.

God is always reaching out for us…
How can we not reach out for those we love?

May you always keep your eyes on Hope, and allow Him to help you rise above the lows into His embrace.

RIP to all we know, personally or publically.

My hope is you made it Home.