never forgotten

Yesterday, God started stirring up in me the truth that none of us (who ever have been, are, or will be) will ever be forgotten by Him.

Then I saw the photo of the three year old Turkish boy who washed up on shore, and my heart leap into my throat, almost cutting off my breathing for the weeping within.

Holy Spirit began to whisper comfort to me as only He can, as He reminded me again, “None of my children are ever forgotten.”

Not one. Ever.

Each refugee crying out for justice.

Each battered woman in hiding.

Each homeless person shivering looking for warmth.

Each child dying of starvation, or from abortion.

Each widow weeping over what she has lost.

Each person who feels abandoned.

Every broken heart.

If you can feel it or experience it, it matters to Him.

Because you matter to Him.

He wrote your name on His heart when He shaped you.

He will never forget you, no matter what you are going through.

Take heart, Beloved.

You are known & treasured by the God who loves you so much He died to reveal it to the rest of the world.

God is moved by the state of the world, all of it. He always been has & He always will be.

God is moved by the state of our hearts, the events which shape our lives. He always has been, and always will be.

Your name is written on His heart, where His love is always ready to meet you.

Don’t forget, you are never forgotten.

Remind yourself through His Word. Speak it out loud in thanksgiving & faith. Trust His love is for you. Walk in hope.


never forgotten

When the pain, grief, hurt is overwhelming, we have a tendency to feel completely alone.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

You are never forgotten.

An eternal God, who knows all,  never forgets.

Not one single one of His children is ever forgotten.

Holy Spirit intercedes for us all, praying the prayers we do not have the words to when we are left speechless with our burdens & wounds.

Jesus went to the cross to take on each of those burdens, wounds & wrongs we have done and will do.
For everyone.

There is no exception to the Father’s love.


If you are hurting, so is He.

If you need help, His hand is outstretched towards you.

If you are crying, He collects each of your tears in a bottle. Precious to Him, enough to keep as a reminder of His love for you.


The next time you believe you are alone, remember He is in your corner, always. God with you.

God never leaves His own.
This love poured out in the cross was for you.

Never forgotten.