comfort in community

Hi chicks! (that’s what I call my girlfriends in Christ) If you are a bro, welcome.

I know some of you are single, separated, divorced or in a hard place in your marriages.  I know it can and does hurt. I know sometimes you feel you can’t ask people to pray for your spouse, for reconciliation and/or healing.  For you to become whole when you feel ripped apart.

Please do.

Being single does not mean God has abandoned you.  It does not mean His plans for you are always to be without a partner to love beside you on this earth.  He may draw you so deep into Him that you will sense Him as your partner through it all.

You are beloved just as you are, whether you are single, married, divorced, separated, a mom or not. God adores you, and will not leave you or fail to give you hope in your heart’s cry.

Please know its okay to be hurting and say so. We need to be able to be real with one another in the safety of supportive relationship.

I will caution you. Not everyone else believes as you do. Because we are all so different, we may need to share where you are at by starting with “This is where my heart is at. I am inviting you to pray for me as I have requested. I am not asking for answers, but comfort in community.”

Coz we don’t need to speak the answers to support one another, sisters & brothers. 

We need to leave the answers in His hands to be spoken in His timing to our hearts.

Sometimes we just need to know we have been heard, accepted for where we are at, and loved in that moment.

We all need to know we are not alone, and loved as we are. We were meant to find comfort in community.

I pray we will all learn to be better keepers of one another’s deepest longings when they are shared, and continue to point one another to God as we love up on each other right where we are at.

If you are in a state of singleness, and hurting over it, please hear you are not alone.

My suggested best to-do list when you are single, not by choice?

1. Spend more time with God than ever before in prayer, worship and His Word. Press in to Him for your needs, all of them. Ask Him to bring the right people into your life to be part of….

2.  Put together your support group: of sisters (brothers if you are a guy) in Christ, health professionals if you need them, and people who can give you wise counsel. 

3. Allow yourself to be real, but not wallow in your lowest points. 

4. Practice being positive. Speak His Promises out loud over your life.

5. Believe He has good plans for you and they will come to pass, even if you can’t see beyond the pain of today.

6. Remember you are never alone. Stop isolating yourself. Make sure you to be in contact with someone in your support group every day.

Keep pursuing health for yourself in the midst of your hard season. How you make it through can impact you for the better if you seek Him, surround yourself with support and always remember you are not alone.

I also invite you to pop by Whole Magazine to be encouraged as you read:



My longest day of the week is Monday.

Not because its the first day of the week, but because of my busier than normal workload on Mondays.

Yet the race is not won by being busy.


Some Mondays seem more like daze and the amount I actually accomplish is astounding.

Other Mondays make me feel like I barely scratched the surface of what I needed to get completed, leaving a defeated aroma at the end of the day.

I am called to run a race.

Some days will be long and hard, others short, sweet and fruitful.

I am called to endure.

To press in when the weight seems too much to bear. When the fears of not being enough or not good enough raise their heads, clamoring for my attention. When I feel drained and useless.

God is more than enough.

I do not run this race alone.

God set me on this path when He called me into being.

Holy Spirit is my guide to help me along the best path along the way.

Jesus is waiting with wide open arms, cheering me on up ahead at the finish line.

So Monday. You may try to depress, defeat or dither with my emotions.


The One who set the moon, sun and stars in place. Who separated the air from the land. Who died on the cross for me.

He is with me. Always.

I plan on listening to His voice cheering me on, whispering I love you and you can get it done and you are enough in my strength for the task ahead.

Endurance means i can face anything with God equipping, loving and walking with me.

Even Mondays.