We don’t always take a close enough glimpse at one person in the Christmas story whom I can relate to the most. Because like me, Joseph appears to have wondered at the whys of Jesus. Why, Mary? Why Mary?! Why this way, God? Why now? Why me? Why? ‘Why’ is a question we can all see … More why’s

in His grip

I begin truly living when God is the one writing my story. Sounds like the opposite of what logically makes sense, but its so true. When God writes our story, His love comes shining through. Our part is to make sure we are in His hands, He does all the rest. Again, sounds too easy, … More in His grip

say goodbye to shame

There is no shame. There is only God’s love. #TheMercifulScar Tired of carrying the weight of your actions on your shoulders? Fed up with dragging your shame around behind you? Then don’t for another moment longer. Its time to realize that we are carrying something God doesn’t see any longer. You see, if we confess … More say goodbye to shame