Sunday Psalm: Relentless Love

You carry us, carry us
when the world gives way
You cover us, cover us
with Your endless grace
Your love is relentless!
– Hillsong United

You placed the entirety of Your heart into the plan
You have for bringing us
back to You.
His plan will not fail,
because His passionate pursuit
of those He adores
is never ending,
ever loving,
ever wooing,

He does not give up
on His Beloved.
He continues to speak,
comfort, bless & shine
on all the world,
longing for the ones
who have not yet
understood His pursuit
nor accepted His heart
& His offering.

This relentless love
longs to keep you close
under cover,
safe in His embrace.
When you cannot keep
going, He picks you
up & carries you.

Today, God,
I receive Your relentless love
for me.
I can’t say I fully understand it,
but I accept it
as the gift I have always longed for
and will always need.



God is…unconditional

God so loved the WORLD (and each one living on it) that He gave up His only Son, Jesus, to die for ALL their wrongs & mistakes and make them whole again. Anyone who believes in Jesus & accepts this love giving gift will become His Beloved, forever.

John 3:16 (paraphrase mine)

Your name’s  included.

The truth we try to talk ourselves out of when we think what we did was so terrible, God must have made an exception and excluded us.

Not so, Beloved.

Each person ever’s name is on His love list.

His love is unconditionally offered.

No strings attached.

It just needs to be received.

What good is an engagement ring left in its box in your dresser drawer, never opened.

It would hard to know your fiance loves you if he left your ring to be randomly discovered whenever.

God isn’t like that at all.

His love unconditionally pursues each and every one of us, all of our days.


He takes in the tax collectors, fishermen, rabbi rejects, accountants with hidden agendas, murderers, stutterers, foreigners, prostitutes…those who all have brokenness & great need of Him.

He accepts what they have to bring.


When Mary sister of Martha came & broke the expensive jar of exquisite perfume and anointed Jesus’ feet with it, mixed with her tears? She offered her best to honor the One who not only saved her brother from the grave, but was headed to the cross to take all our sin upon Himself, without condition. 

She understood what all those who sat at that same table missed…

Unconditional love deserves unswerving love, offering & devotion in return.

Today, soak in the knowledge that you are included in His plans for this world. Your name is written in His hands, upon His heart and unconditional love glows in His eyes as He looks at you. May you never lose sight of this truth the rest of your days.


everything & nothing less

God uses what we love most to speak to us.

For me, that is words, written or sung.

In the span of 48 hours, an unexpected locked door, a trilogy of books,  the Word and a new CD all combined to knock me to my knees and speak deeply to my spirit.

God was throughout each  moment, and I am not the same after this series of encounters.

Everything & nothing less.

That is what God gives, gave for us….His all.

That is the kind of love pursuing us, whispering our names with such love & devotion.  The love that gave His very life for us…holding nothing back.

This is the same sort of love we are to give Him back in return.

And it’s hard to not look back at where we have failed to do so when we keep our eyes focused on ourselves, where we have come from.

The cross was lifted up so we would be too.

We need to look up to see beyond ourselves…and we can’t easily look up when we aren’t on our knees, grounded on the solid rock of His love.

We need the reminder that we meant enough to Him for Him to give His everything and nothing less to win us back.

And He deserves nothing less than our everything in return.

That means the real everything…however that looks within each of us.
Our love
Our hurts
Our dreams & hopes
Our failures
Our skills
Our desires & plans
Our time
Our energy
Our devotion
Our worship

Just as we are,
everything and nothing less.

He desires nothing less than for us to come with our everything, right now, right in whatever situation or heartbreak you are in.

The One who gave His all will be delighted with you coming to Him, just as you are.  Looking forward into His gaze, accepting His love, giving Him your all.

It’s time to bend the knee, and move into the everything, and nothing less, which He has waiting for you with Him.

Seek a quiet space, and take a moment to read these heartfelt lyrics which have been soaking in my heart for the past few days. Meet with Him in this holy moment.  

If you take the time to listen, let Holy Spirit draw you in, and reassure you He is 100% for you, always, no matter what, in everything and nothing less.

This is your holy moment.


Sunday Psalm: Everything an Offering

I have
comes from You.

I came into this world with
was Your Work.

I have been blessed with
was from Your hands.

I can become
and leave behind
also came as a gift
from Your nail scarred hands.

I am
I lay down
as an offering
before You.

I may face
will be with You
at my side.

I will be
can be
because of Your love.
& when i follow
Spirit’s leading.

I am & hope to be,
every thing
I have or will ever be blessed with,
I humbly offer to You
my King.

In everything,
every thing,
be glorified
in me.


His transforming makeover

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:1-2 MSG

All my life, all your life, is worth offering to God.

In exchange, He makes us over!

Not your typical makeover, visible only on the outside, but one that happens from the inside out, shaping us with a well formed maturity we could not experience otherwise. The makeover He has designed for us where we become more like Him, and more easily able to sense what He wants us to do, where He has for us to go, and quickly respond in obedience.

All in, as an offering, for all He has in for me!

Won’t you join me?

We can trust He has the best in store because of our Creator’s great love for us!

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Sunday Psalm: We Bring You Praise

We bring You praise,
All the honor
belongs only to You.
You alone are worthy
of a complete offering
where we pour ourselves out
like water before You,
a constant stream
of love & adoration
flowing from us to Your throne.

The fragrance
of a heart
100% sold out for You
brings a smile to
Your magnificent face.

Our praise
You do not need,
for You are complete
without us.

But how You long for
Your beloved
to return to Your embrace
like a mother longing to
hold close her children
after a long time apart.

Your heart beats fervently
for Your bride.
For although You were
already complete without her,
You chose to
woo her back to You,
and make the wake for
her return clear & straight,
though at great personal cost
to You.

Such love,
such devotion,
such arduous adoration.

By Your hand, all came to be on the earth, sky, seas, and above.
Because of Your love,
all have a second chance
at our true Home.
Because of You.

We lift You higher & higher
as we praise You for who You are, and all You have done.

You deserve our all,
our best,
our complete devotion
in return.

We bring You praise,
and honor You again, God.

We will never stop
raising Your praise
& proclaiming Your mighty Name!



be kind

There are many kinds of people out there in this world.

Not all of them are kind.

You too may have brushed up against one, have one in your family, or work with one.

Sometimes they don’t know any better, because they have not been shown much kindness in their lives.

Sometimes they know they are being unkind, and they don’t care about the explosive hurt they hurl at those they come across.

What are you & I to do when someone we know, or meet, is unkind to us?

Be kind.

Hurt people do hurtful things, and hurl hurtful words.

That is their choice.

Our choice is to show them the better way. To walk in the kindness of Jesus, and be kind.

For our actions reflect our choices, not those of others when we remain in control of our emotions & decisions.

“Why should I be kind?” my daughter asked me years ago when she had been picked on at school.

I told her, “You being kind lets people know who you are. Do you want to be known as mean, or kind?”

Today, she is one of the kindness women I know. Kids flock to her because they can sense her genuine kindness and care for them. Her path has not been easy, but she has always responded with kindness to the obstacles she has faced.

Because she too knows the One who is the most kind, who helps us show kindness in the face of opposition.

The One who was so kind, He chose to take everyone’s sins on the cross, even those of His enemies.


The One who went to the cross because of His great love for us all.

The One who offers this love at all times to all people, always.

Such kindness the world had never quite experienced before the cross, not since.

We don’t end up where we were headed because of His kindness.

We were headed for the pit,
now we get to sit at His banquet!

Beloved of God.

I would say that is the beat example of kindness I could imagine. Showing love & care to all, regardless of their response.

If God could show such radical kindness to the whole world, I believe He can help us be kind to the people we come across each day….we only need ask for His help to see them as He does- those desperate for a kind & loving God.

Is it easy to be kind?
Not always.
Some times it is a sacrifice of obedience, showing kindness to someone whose words or actions cause our stomachs to roll or our teeth to clench.

But knowing Jesus, the kindest man I have ever met. The One who doesn’t hold my mistakes against me and always gives me a second Chance when I genuinely ask for one?

How could I not share the kindness He has shown me?

Sunday Psalm: Trust in the Lord

Lord I come,
wavering about
whether I can hand over
all that is bothering me
on the inside,
hidden from sight.

Then it dawns on me…
if You know everything,
even what I am thinking & feeling,
then what’s the point
in pretending You don’t
any longer?

Take this offering
of mushed up dreams,
tired hopes, broken pieces
of my hard heart, and the choice sins I succumbed to:
and make me over.

Its time for a new heart
that burns with its zeal for You
and Your kingdom come.

I’m ready for a new mindset,
one that stands firm on the Hope
of the good that is to come,
even when I can’t see it yet.

I’m all in for a healed body,
one that will move and live
keeping You in the forefront,
honoring Your handiwork.

May Your Spirit lead my spirit
in & out of whatever
come my way each day,
as I tune myself to Your frequency
first & foremost.

May it be seen in all i meet
that I put my trust in the Lord,
and I will not be shaken
with Him as my sure foundation!



Sunday Psalm: Welcome Hearts

Lord my God,
I offer myself up
to You today,
a living sacrifice.
Far from perfect
yet made whole
through Your perfect plan,
in and through and by Jesus.

I make You welcome
in this sanctuary,
in this place You chose
for Your dwelling place,

I know You have plans
for a complete renovation
for my rest and restoration
to make me ready
for eternity in Your house.

Although my flesh may fight it
and my mind try to talk me out of it
I welcome You
in all the fullness
You want to bring into me.

My heart,
my hands,
my life,
my dreams,
my hopes,
my resources,
all I am
and all I have
are Yours.


Do Your work in welcome hearts

Psalm 36:10b

Sunday Psalm: Pour out My Praise

how You poured
Your very self out
for us,
for me God
You poured Your life out
on the cross
in a lavish gushing eternal
love declaration for
Your people
Jesus lifted up
for all to see
One and forever
Freedom burst forth
open for all
to receive

How can I not erupt
with Your praise?
so holy
so awesome
all mighty
all power
all goodness
all truth
so kind
so merciful
so graceful
in Your care
for Your people,
for me.

I pour out
my heart
full of praise
to You again today

May my heart cry
ever stream
from the overflow
of appreciation
for who You are,
what You’ve done
and because if
the lynchpin
of our love story.