Sunday Psalm: Relentless Love

You carry us, carry us when the world gives way You cover us, cover us with Your endless grace Your love is relentless! – Hillsong United Relentless, You placed the entirety of Your heart into the plan You have for bringing us back to You. His plan will not fail, because His passionate pursuit ofContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Relentless Love”

God is…unconditional

God so loved the WORLD (and each one living on it) that He gave up His only Son, Jesus, to die for ALL their wrongs & mistakes and make them whole again. Anyone who believes in Jesus & accepts this love giving gift will become His Beloved, forever. John 3:16 (paraphrase mine) Your name’s  included.Continue reading “God is…unconditional”

everything & nothing less

God uses what we love most to speak to us. For me, that is words, written or sung. In the span of 48 hours, an unexpected locked door, a trilogy of books,  the Word and a new CD all combined to knock me to my knees and speak deeply to my spirit. God was throughoutContinue reading “everything & nothing less”

Sunday Psalm: Everything an Offering

Everything I have comes from You. Everything I came into this world with was Your Work. Everything I have been blessed with was from Your hands. Everything I can become and leave behind also came as a gift from Your nail scarred hands. Everything I am I lay down as an offering before You. EverythingContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Everything an Offering”

His transforming makeover

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit intoContinue reading “His transforming makeover”

Sunday Psalm: We Bring You Praise

We bring You praise, God. All the honor belongs only to You. You alone are worthy of a complete offering where we pour ourselves out like water before You, a constant stream of love & adoration flowing from us to Your throne. The fragrance of a heart 100% sold out for You brings a smileContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: We Bring You Praise”

be kind

There are many kinds of people out there in this world. Not all of them are kind. You too may have brushed up against one, have one in your family, or work with one. Sometimes they don’t know any better, because they have not been shown much kindness in their lives. Sometimes they know theyContinue reading “be kind”

Sunday Psalm: Trust in the Lord

Lord I come, wavering about whether I can hand over all that is bothering me on the inside, hidden from sight. Then it dawns on me… if You know everything, even what I am thinking & feeling, then what’s the point in pretending You don’t any longer? Take this offering of mushed up dreams, tiredContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Trust in the Lord”

Sunday Psalm: Welcome Hearts

Lord my God, I offer myself up to You today, a living sacrifice. Far from perfect yet made whole through Your perfect plan, in and through and by Jesus. I make You welcome in this sanctuary, in this place You chose for Your dwelling place, ME! I know You have plans for a complete renovationContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Welcome Hearts”

Sunday Psalm: Pour out My Praise

how You poured Your very self out for us, for me God You poured Your life out on the cross in a lavish gushing eternal love declaration for Your people Jesus lifted up for all to see One and forever Freedom burst forth open for all to receive How can I not erupt with YourContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Pour out My Praise”