on course

People lose their way when they lose their why.

– Michael Hyatt 

You & I have something that millions of people out there do not have and long for.

We know our why.

We know why we are here.

We know who made us.

We generally know what He desires for us, and when we spend time with Him. we begin to learn what He wants for us in the moment, right where we are.

We know His love, His blessing, His grace & mercy, His forgiveness, His restoration.

When you know the One who made you, and why you are here, you can walk confident along the way He has for you.

When we know our Why, we can walk His way.

We are here because He purposes each of us to be.

Each of us has a way to walk which He has planned for us, while He walks alongside us.

Our Way is not just a destination but a person.

Jesus said to him, “I am the Way, and the truth, and the life. 

John 14:6

He is not only the way back to God, He is the reward we get to enjoy forever at the end.

When we live our life the way He long for us to live, we know our why….

Being in relationship, walking, with Him.

When we know the Way, our why, we can make it through the hard times of questions, grief and doubt which can take us over & try to suck us under.

Because He’s got us through it all.

Our Way never lets go of His whys.

Each of us is why He died & rose again.

Jesus was able to walk the path He had to take for our redemption because He knew His why.

And it was you & I.

Let’s follow in His footsteps, deepening our faith as we walk, knowing we are His why & He alone is our Way.