honor on her

This week we will be visiting my hubby’s mom for mother’s day.

We speak fairly regularly by phone when we can, however in order to show her honor we don’t visit too often.

Here is a hard lesson I have learned about honor.

We can honor a person without honoring their choices.

My mother in law is a very broken woman.  I know without a doubt that she loves God. She is however very bound due to trauma in her past that has not been resolved. Many of the choices in life have not been ones I can honor.

However, God has given me the ability to move past the hurt she feels and wields as a weapon at times, and honor her as the daughter of the King she is.

Do you too struggle with loving someone who is not making wise choices?

I see the disciples struggling with this a bit in the gospels, and I love them all the more for it, because they represent us. The regular Joes & Joannas, whom Jesus came to walk beside, and show how to honor.

Jesus never once told a sinner it was okay they had sinned. He loved them where they were at, and pointed to a better way.

He honored them as people, while not liking their choices, the fall out of their sin.

I am now able to show honor as He leads me to my mother-in-law, because I too know that I don’t always make wise choices.

Yes God honored me by choosing me, in the midst of my sin.

Its time for us to extend grace and honor those He came to save. Seeing them as He does…the broken, hurting, lost who don’t know how much their Father loves them.

He bestowed the biggest honor on each and every one of us through the Cross.

He took on our failures, sins, bad choices so we could be free, and become part of His family.

What an honor.

If you too have a loved one you struggle to be around at times, remember God honored those who didn’t deserve it with His gift of Jesus.   You, and I included.

As His beloved, we need to extend that honor to all those around us.

There were moments when the disciples didn’t get it, and Jesus patiently would offer an explanation, and I am sure offer His Father prayers that they would understand at the right time!

He modeled showing honor to us all when He was with us on earth:


(P.S. I am not suggesting you purposefully put yourself in front of any kind of firing gun, if a relationship is abusive.  In that case, you can best show honor through prayer, and seeking His direction.  Honor His request to pray for those who hurt you. for them to come to see Him and be transformed. Jesus didn’t intentionally seek out the Pharisees, but was prepared to answer them when they turned up.)


hope in front of me

Some days when I wake, it is hard to focus on hope, and not just because I haven’t put my glasses on yet.

There are mornings where I ache so badly I don’t want to get out of bed, where my stiff painful fingers don’t want to bend. And the main voice speaking inside my head is crying woe is me.

Exactly 33 days ago, I decided to begin each day with a Psalm.
A music lover, I have always been drawn to songs that capture human emotion, and God devotion, so i figured that would be a great place to start.

Hope reached down and took hold of that decision, and has been reminding me He is with me every morning ever since.

My first thought now when I wake is “What does He want to tell me in the Word today?” which is superseding the aches and pains voice to be the loudest one I hear now.

And I have found Hope to be right in front of me every day since.

Hope is a Person.

But we have to choose to spend time with Him over coffee, (in my case, tea) getting to one another beyond surface babble.

The God I am discovering? The more I read about Him? Pray to Him? Listen to Him? Worship in His Presence?

He is way deeper and amazing and majestic and loving and kind and there for me than I could have imagined, as I make a conscious decision to keep building upon what I know of Him.

I will never know Him more than when in spend time with Him.

Because memories of Hope can only keep you going for so long before they fade away.

Join me in seeking our living Hope every day. Some of you may find the morning works best…others when your kids nap, or on your lunch break, or right before bed. Whenever you can give God your undivided attention.

We won’t connect with Hope unless we spend time with Him.


If you would like to hear & read the lyrics of the song of hope that inspired this post title, please visit the links below:
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