It’s still there. That disappointment you have been trying to avoid bringing into the light. Thinking that if you don’t look at it, it won’t hurt as much.  Harbouring our hurts only deepens them. I have struggled with many disappointments over the years, and I have discovered the truth: each disappointment is the opportunity for … More disappointment

married ever after

This morning, i had the privilege of attending the wedding between a former coworker & a fellow worship team member, both of whom I go to church with. It was lovely….with the couple obviously in love & desiring God to be the center of their lives. Once upon a time, that was me, and you … More married ever after

better tomorrow today

I am a creative person, which can be a danger at times when I lose my anchoring. Spending too long dreaming about the future can hobble your walk in the present. We were meant to dream…but with the dreams God has for us to be dreaming. Dreams that awaken our soul’s deepest longings and desires, … More better tomorrow today


…the grand facade, so soon will burn…. In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel For 30+ years now, I have sung this song, one of my faves, especially the delicate remake by Nichole Nordeman. Today i heard another word in place of ‘grand facade’: ‘masquerade. And in that split second of awareness that can only come from … More maskheraid

the force

Are you an ally of the Force? There are only two to align yourself with…as we all see so visually made clear in the Star Wars saga. You can align yourself with good, or the dark side. The best? Being led by Holy Spirit. The less? Being led by the enemy. If you are unsure … More the force

look up

When I feel low, its usually because I have taken my eyes off of God. When God is in His proper place, and I acknowledge how big, strong, mighty my God is, I can’t help but look up to Him. Focusing on the problem makes it block out my view of God. It doesn’t mean … More look up