in His strength

Last night, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took part in a 12 hour worship burn…where we offered God praise and worship for 12 hours straight. Six teams, 2 hours each. As a vocalist, usually two hours is a good maximum for keeping your voice strong without too much strain. I had theContinue reading “in His strength”

all of You is more than enough

Yesterday was an interesting day. No matter what I did, the timing seemed to be just slightly off. I am sure you can relate. But I had a strong sense that everything was happening according to His timing, despite how I was feeling. Even when I had to head to the ER with my eldestContinue reading “all of You is more than enough”

how the weight of His glory can fall like snow

How much does a snowflake weigh? Someone who measures such things determined that an individual snowflake weighs 0.02* grams. At that weight it would take 50 flakes to make a gram. For comparison, a Hershey’s kiss weighs 4.7 grams – equal to about 235 snowflakes. There are about 95 kisses in a pound. Using the kiss-to-snowContinue reading “how the weight of His glory can fall like snow”

Spirit bridge

I just finished a non-stop meal of James L. Rubart’s trilogy finale, ‘Spirit Bridge’. My faith grew within me. My soul left for joy. My mind shouted ‘Amazing, God.’ And a little voice whispered, ‘You know this isn’t for you, right?’ As the book clearly stated, the enemy likes to lie to us surrounding ourContinue reading “Spirit bridge”


There is a waterfall up ahead. How wet you get depends on how close you get to the water. God’s love runs deeper than we can fathom higher than our eye can see stronger than death or illness wider than the horizon is off afar a tap missing a shut off valve, it keeps goingContinue reading “waterfall”


There comes a time when each of us have had enough. It might be your stress level. Your health. Your inability to sleep. A negative influence. Someone not taking your no as the final answer. A boundary was crossed. Hurtful words hurled your way. When you’ve had enough, we hit the end of ourselves. LeavingContinue reading “enough”