wrapping Words

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18 12 short words. Unwrapping His promise. Encompassing the Father’s heart, the Present of Jesus, the Presence of Holy Spirit. God initiated. God with us. Embraced into His family. Present, wherever we are. Spoken by God to us. Wrap His words aroundContinue reading “wrapping Words”

Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way

I fall to my knees again, Lord and humble myself at Your feet. I can only bring You myself as I am as my offering today. My mind is full of Your goodness My heart overwhelmed by Your Grace My mouth longs to shout & sing Your Praise My spirit leaps with joy in YourContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way”

beaten not defeated

I’m pressed but not crushed persecuted not abandoned Struck down but not destroyed I’m blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure for His joy’s gonna be my strength Though the sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning! –Darrell Evans, Trading my Sorrows When I fail or slide the slipperyContinue reading “beaten not defeated”

keeper of my heart

In the past few days, a lot has gone amuck in my life. Our dishwasher & dryer both died. My son’s timetable is not right for his grade 12 year. I feel like crap with aches and joint pain. Money is tight, and its a shorter work week now. I just dropped my daughter offContinue reading “keeper of my heart”

better things ahead

When your life is filled with potholes, valleys and pain, its hard to see the mountains. But God, the eternal forever all powerful Provider Redeemer Restorer More than able Healer Lover of our souls Maker of heaven & earth Before all time promises…. We have good things coming. Good things are in store for usContinue reading “better things ahead”