Sunday Psalm: let it be Jesus

no other name
is worthy
of being lifted high.

Just speaking Your name
stirs me within as
You bring me back to life.

The chains are broken
and fall away
as I draw closer to You.

Name above all names
Be lifted up
High above the heavens

You are worthy
of all my praise,
and offerings.

Let it be Jesus
the name I shout
when surrounded by the storm
Let it be Jesus
the name I cry
when pain overwhelms
Let it be Jesus
only Jesus
i run to
for the rest of my life.



the cracking points


There is hope despite the pressures we face that try to break us down.

Yesterday, I was reminded by God that He holds me all together…
that my cracks shine with His Presence when I depend on Him.

And how I need Him!

When the pressing comes,
He makes sure I am not crushed.
He holds me.

When the persecution hurts,
He reminds me He is with me. Always.

When the panic sets in,
He reminds me He will never abandon me.

When I am struck down,
He keeps me from being destroyed.
He puts me back on my feet.
Shielding me.

Whenever the enemy tries to curse me, He turns it into blessings.
His promises ensure.
His alone, forever.

When the way seems dark & dreary, He fills me with joy.
Restores my purpose.
Every morning,
fresh mercy.

So my cracks may show the wear and tear of life, but my Potter’s purposes for me will come to pass.

Finding life hard right now?

Pursue His Presence.
Press in to the Word.
Proclaim the Promises.
Purpose to trust.
Believe Him Able
to do the Impossible.

May He make Himself known in way you could never have believed possible as you seek Him!

Sunday Psalm: Pursuit

I am pressing hard after You.
Hot & heavy,
without restraint or abandon.
I keep running towards You,
through stormy gale,
fiery darts & red herring whispers
trying to lead me astray.
My intent is see You
face to face,
to make it Home-
the one place
where I belong.
Where I am known
as Beloved.
I may come limping,
hoarse or racked with pain,
but I will keep coming.
I will not be deterred.
My pursuit has one singular focus:
Nothing but Jesus.
I will pursue only Jesus
into eternity.
You are always and forever enough for me,
no matter the season.
I will always arrive on time
when You guide my path
& I walk to the beat of Your heart.




I am in hot pursuit.

My mind is fixed even when my body is tiring.

I continue to climb.

I can’t live without Him.

His presence.

His love.


He is beautiful.

He gazes at me with such passion, I am overwhelmed with His love, magnetically drawn closer.

In the pathway ahead, He is the sun i awake to.
He is the moon i fall asleep under.
He is the refuge I hide in.
He is the rock underneath me.
He is more than enough for everything I need.

As my mind swirls in motion
My heart explodes with attraction
I lift my voice with devotion
And love swells like the ocean.

The depths of His adoration call,
Luring me higher still.

The worship flows, moment after moment.
The never ending chorus beats in my bloodstream.
Everything else becomes colored with my passion.
With reckless abandon, I pick up the pace.
Continuing to climb, all else is stripped away.

I am in hot pursuit.


PURSUIT- Jesus Culture

Strip everything away, til all I have is You
Undo the veils so all I see is You

I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence
I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence

I’m pressing into You, so do not pass me by
I’m breaking through the boundaries, I will not be denied

I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence
I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence
Im coming after You

Open my eyes, search my inside
I cant live without Your presence
I cant live without Your presence

love notes

When i struggle with insecurity, I have to remind myself how deeply God loves and delights in me.

I am His beloved.
He continues to pursue me.

-Eugene Cho

As His Beloved, you occupy the place of delight in His deepest affections.

– Graham Cooke

When you are behaving as if you loved someone, you will presently come to love them.


All-consuming fire,
You’re our heart’s desire
Living flame of love,
come baptize us, come baptize us

Let us fall more in love with you

We wanna know how high
how deep
how wide is
Love Love Love

How high is your love
How wide is your love
How deep is your love for us
How deep is your love

– “All Consuming Fire, Jesus Culture