Oh my. There was a huge battle waging within me as we began to rehearse for last night’s Downpour service. Singing with new people, in a new situation, and new songs aside, inside I was on edge. I knew something was going to happen. Didn’t know God was preparing to rock my boat. As aContinue reading “downpour”


There is a waterfall up ahead. How wet you get depends on how close you get to the water. God’s love runs deeper than we can fathom higher than our eye can see stronger than death or illness wider than the horizon is off afar a tap missing a shut off valve, it keeps goingContinue reading “waterfall”

rain down

After the winter we just had, even rain looks good to me as I eagerly await spring. Rain is an integral part of spring, Without it, there would be no life, just barren desert. This past harsh icy winter has left the trees asleep, the ground extra hard, and abounding dreariness. A need for escape,Continue reading “rain down”