I am not sure if I just made up the word “rehoping” or not, but it fits with how I have been feeling lately, so I am running with it!

A question was posted today on Twitter on how we find our hope?

Here is my response….

Spending time in His Presence restores my hope, 
refills my love cup, 
refuels my faith & 
realigns my perspective. 

Only God can restore my hope for my hope is built on Him, the eternal One. Not on anything else, for all else fades into the past, save God.

Only God can refill my love cup within. My heart needs His love daily in order to keep my hope afloat. When I sense His love, I feel hopeful, and my trust in God wanting the best for me deepens. Because when you are in love and feeling loved, our sense of anything is possible and wonder grows along side!

As a result, spending time with God refuels my faith.

Because only He is able to see the big picture, as God is not caught up in living through time the same way we are. He is timeless, forever. His perspective is thus unique, perfect and the one I need to make sure I am in tune with. Spending time with God realigns my perspective.

When my hope is low, God uses these four aspects to buoy my hope again: time with Him, sensing His love, seeing His perspective, trusting who He is.
Depending on how close I keep myself to Him depends on how much hope I can maintain.

Spend time with God if your hope is in need of an infusion from on high.

After we hang out? God never fails to leave me more peaceful, focused and hopeful.

Is it time for an increase of rehoping in your life again too?

Find your #hopeinHisPresence!



I am more than ready for a vacation.

Mine doesn’t involve me going anywhere special, although bubbles and pyjamas have a certain lure…

I like to call my staycation “Slumberland”, as I usually start by sleeping more than usual when coming off the rush rush pace I find myself getting caught up in.

For next week’s slumberland, for each day I am spending with family, I am spending one on my own when they all head off to work.

I am gearing up to:


Add more peace to my day, and less to do’s.


Preplan as much as I can for my freelance work, and remind myself not to feel guilty for taking a bit of time off.


Spend time soaking in God’s presence, listening to worship, walking in His creation.

Fill up.

Refuel my near empty batteries on His power filled Word.


Allow my soul, my spirit, my mind, my heart to become like new again by seeking His peace, joy, hope, love, without any rush.


Time to journal and pray, asking God to help me forgive, release and be set free in ways I may not realize I am until it take the time to…

Slow down.

No set schedule between this rest start and end time.

If I want to read, I read…. You got the picture!

Less go go go
More breathing in, then out.
Slowly, rhythmically.
Breathing out the old, stale, exhaustedness.
Breathing in the new, fresh, re-energized peace God has waiting for me…

When I surrender.

During my upcoming retreat, I plan on a few hours at least of no talking, no shopping, and saying no to any requests.

Its time for me to find the space for me to just me again….how about you?