kick regret to the curb

I am tired of dragging what I ‘mighta’ or ‘shoulda’ along for the ride. Pondering what i might have or should have done can add heaps of regret onto my shoulders, weighing me down. Helping me feel stuck in the moment of regret…so much so that I can feel the chains getting heavier & heavierContinue reading “kick regret to the curb”

got vs not

It’s what you’ve got that matters. Not what you’re not. I spent my childhood, teens right through my thirties focused more on what I was not than what I’ve got. If I had curly hair, how I wanted straight hair. When overweight and fit, I wanted to return to being thin, even though back thenContinue reading “got vs not”

discover what you love

Now you need to discover what you love. #TheMercifulScar Watch the Response Wil Wheaton Gives to a Little Girl that Has Millions of Nerds (Like Us) Cheering There is risk in people knowing what we love. Many of us get hurt when they make fun of us, or bully us with words, fists, rejection. AndContinue reading “discover what you love”