when history & destiny intersect

Our scars reflect our history but they don’t determine our destiny; they’re the intersection where our pain meets the needs of others.
David Cassidy

I used to feel badly about my scars, both the visible and private ones.

Not any longer.

Without my life experiences, I would not be who I am today.

I would not have hit rock bottom, and looked up to see the One who came not only to rescue me, but bind up my wounds,
heal my heart, mind & spirit,
and continuously pours His very life and live into me.

My scars may show the world i’ve been wounded in battle, but God sees them as testimony of His Presence in my life.

For they are now scars, not open sucking the life out of me wounds.
He has made me whole.

The next time you think your scars are not of any importance, see how much they relate to how He has gifted you.

I can write, sing & share how He has given me a full makeover, because I was the one needing the full renovation.

I can relate, because I once walked there.

I refuse to allow the enemy to stir up guilt or shame about what God has healed & sealed as finished.

If you struggle with your scars, spend sometime with Him today.

Share your heart.

Hear His beating for you.

Rest in His embrace.

Listen for His love & wisdom whispers.

He awaits you, sister, brother.

He is waiting to continue your healing.

When heaven intersects with humanity, new life happens.

For He has never stopped being in the Creation business.

In Him, by Him and because of Him, all things can be made new!


broken to life

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. 1 Peter 2:24 ESV

Jesus died for the broken.

Those who were broken in ways beyond just what can seen:

  • broken in spirit
  • broken-hearted
  • broken in the mind,
  • broken in body.

But also for those who are:

  • broken because of their sin.

I find the weight of my own sin can sometimes break me in ways i never expected.

Selfishness can lead to isolation and loneliness, and down the path to choosing more things which keep that spiral of me swirling down and out of control.

And i need to be reminded: Jesus came for the broken.

There is one more type of broken that Jesus covered with His brokenness:

  • those who need taming

The strong willed ones (like moi) who need to be broken in order to submit.

We all are broken, or need to be broken depending on the circumstances.

  • I tend to find other people’s sins towards me break me
  • I need to be broken based on my own sins & bad choices

That is why Jesus died so painfully on the cross.

He chose to be broken so He can bring hope to the broken, no matter what has broken us.

He chose to rise again to show He can bring life to the dead, the places within us we think are beyond hope, beyond healing.

He chose to die so we could live.

Because it is He who brings us back to life.

Our part?

To come with our brokenness and sin, and ask for His help.

His part?

The part He loves?

  • To answer our cry.
  • To touch us with His hands.
  • To infuse us with his love.
  • To rebirth life into our dry bones.
  • To make us new in ways we could not imagine on the other side of our brokenness.
  • To give wings to our hope.

Ready for new life? 

It doesn’t matter if  or how you are broken, the Master Carpenter is more than able to take our broken pieces and make us anew!

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18









His banner over me reads beloved

His banner over me is love.


He calls me beloved.


And as I have been soaking in that truth, and others like it, I realize that i have been the biggest hindrance to my receiving His love.


Because I don’t feel loveable most days. I feel awkward, a misfit, out of sorts, stressed, relaxed, hungry, thankful….but not loveable.

But just coz I don’t believe something doesn’t make it any less true.

God reassures me daily of His love for me. Through His Word, His gentle touch, His answers to my prayers, and the care He takes to meet my needs.

If someone continually tells you the opposite of what you believe, there are only options before you.

Deny it or accept it.

My feelings aren’t supposed to be my filter for what is true. Truth is.

The truth we can read in the Word.

The truth He whispers into our broken hearts.

The truth that He has loved me from the beginning of time, and will do so until and for all eternity!

I am His beloved.

And because I am His, He reminds me He is my Beloved.

His love is mine.

When we grasp how deep, high, wide, long & kind His love is, we can begin to feel it!

When you are told you are not only irreplaceable but also adored, are the apple of His eye, and the love of His heart….your broken bits begin to beat again. With new life, as a fresh infusion of His love moves in to awaken what was format inside.

“Come away with Me, My Beloved” is His heart’s cry of love for us, each and every one of us.

Will you let His love move into your broken heart, and begin to restore you to receive His love for you?

Because, in case you missed it, you are His favorite 🙂

#beloved #adored #Hisfavorite

now is the time….

Worship releases God’s presence into the atmosphere, wherever we are.

And when God is there, all of Him- His character, freedom, love, justice is there as well.

When we acknowledge God is King, number one in our lives, and our strength….He can move in ways we never fathomed or dreamed possible.

When we are battling depression, anger, anxiety, fear…we need to call out to God through praising HIm for who he is, what He has done, and invite Him into whatever it is we are facing.

When we recognize God on His throne, we give Him the honor He is due.

We release Him to be all He is.

To do all he wants to.

Right in the here and now of the moment we are in.

Worship releases God’s power in a way that is almost beyond comprehension, but is certainly felt and seen.

We can feel when God enters the room.

We can see Him moving when we see people praising Him, bowing before Him, being healed, being set free, worshiping with abandon.

Worship releases God to move against our enemy.

Which is why worship can be and is a weapon.

When we proclaim who He is, we use our devotion and love for God as our defense, and allow God to battle, to fight for us.

The battle belongs to the Lord.

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, holy holy is He.

Sing a new song to Him who sits on heaven’s mercy seat.

He is Lord,
He always will be,
forever and ever,


(repost from May 4/14)

finding spiritual whitespace


There are times when you pick up a book, and you really have no idea what you are getting into.

This is one such book.

After the introduction, I will confess I was teary eyed with relief.

I am not alone in how I feel.


By the end of chapter 6, I was not the same.

I was more at rest after underlining, rereading and journalling that I have been for years, possibly ever.

You see, God is both the giver and designer of how we are to rest.

With Him…


In Him…

With Him, and He with me.
I am never alone.
He is always with me,
despite what feelings or circumstances may dictate.

In Him, and He in me.
His presence is in this temple.
He lives in me,
As I choose to hide myself away in Him.
My refuge, my comfort, my shield.


He lives in me, and I within Him…..


We reunited on a deeper level after a few chapters of accepting His love for me,revealing a new truth to me as we went.

Every single thing I have ever lived through
matters to Him.

For I am His, and He is mine.

I can hardly wait to learn what freedom and understanding He has for me in the next few chapters!!!


I’m unfixed. And the truth is, that’s where God meets me – in the mess of my life, in the unfixedness, in the brokenness.

Mike Yaconelli

I am broken.
and I know it.

I need putting back together again
from my long fall off the wall
I hid behind for so long.

Parts of me have shattered
almost completely.

It is a major undertaking to proceed
with my reconstruction,
being put back together again.

But God, He is up for the task.

You see,
much of what was broken
needed to be smashed
so He can replace the faulty parts
(the old movie reels, the self sufficiency, pride, the desire to be in control)
with updated top of the line ones, that depend on His strength
to fuel them (faith, hope, joy, love, grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, patience)

There was some faulty wiring
needing to be ripped out
so He could reconnect the proper
thought processes
and reattach me to His Spirit
for instant notifications.
They may require quiet and concentration to hear them,
but this part of the rebuild
is critical before the next step.

A new heart.
One that will beat with His heart.
In tune with how He is feeling,
sensing His compassion for those around me,
His love for them, and me.

Open heart surgery that cuts away into our very soul.
Enabling the spirit within, that eternal precious spark in each of His children, to shine through us once again.

This season of brokenness
has been very humbling,
deeply painful,
tremendously hope building
at the same time.

You see,
God isn’t finished with me yet.

His goal is to make me,
shape me,
build me,
put me back together
to be the me He designed me to be.

My goal is to not get in His way,
and give Him free reign.

There is a beauty to be found in allowing God to touch us in these places of brokenness.

Somehow His glory is revealed more clearly when we are broken for His purposes.

The enemy may try to play havoc with your life.

Stop listening to his depressing lies.

God IS in control,
even when you can’t see it.
He will restore,
even when you can’t feel it.
He will never leave you,
even when you can’t sense Him.

If you, like me, are in this period of brokenness beyond anything you can imagine, take comfort in knowing God knows what the end result is He desires to see us become.

He will fix us up,
put us back together again,
and be with us
every step of the way.

We don’t need to fear being broken
when we know God is in control.
His plans will come to pass
in our lives
when we allow Him to be our
strength & guide.



It is time to be.

Leave the doing for a while, and like Mary, the disciples and the crowds of His day, come and sit a while at Jesus’ feet.

All are welcome to come.

But as you come, you will be changed.

You cannot sit with pure love, grace and compassion without it bringing out that which is within you.

You will be-come.


There is a dream, a Hope, a seed, a flame waiting within to break out and be.


There is a place just for you, waiting for you take your place, and come.


Be what you were meant to be when you come into His presence.

When His presence permeates you from the inside out, and releases His creative life within.

Be with Him.
Come to Him.
Become His.

I resist the pull to just be.
I prefer to buzz around at tines, keeping busy.

But I know, oh how I know deep deep down in my very soul, God is always patiently, lovingly, devotedly waiting for me.

To come sit at His feet.
To rest in the quiet open space He has waiting for me.
To listen as He whispers His words of Love.

And I become more
Faith filled
In His presence.

Stop doing.
Its time to be.
He is ready and waiting for you
To come.

The becoming awaits.
What you will become depends on whether you will heed His call to come and be.