when it’s hard to believe for the best

Yesterday was a day filled with highs and lows, from which I am still both in shock and filled with praise as i process it all.

It is hard seeing your child reeling with hurt. One of mine is struggling to show honor in a placement where she has been discouraged and put down by the leadership for the past several weeks, simply because they are negative people.

The other child heard he may need surgery to fix a disc and nerve problem.

It has been hard to come alongside them and not take over, as the momma within rages at the circumstances.

Instead, I have stood and praised Him despite how I am feeling.

My children are not my babies anymore. They are both young adults who have had curve balls hurled their way, and are still standing up to praise Him in the midst.

If I have done nothing else right in the hard times of my life, seeing my kids raise Him in praise no matter the season blesses my heart for my part modeling how to do so.

But more importantly, it blesses His heart for their part in bringing Him the sacrifice of praise.

Last night, my country took a radical turn politically.  One that i sense will leave scars across every province. People who had served their constituents well were voted out because the nation decided to teach its former leader a lesson.

Experience can help guide us in the hard times, but faith in who you believe in needs to be our bedrock during the storms.

There is no one politician upon whose shoulders Canada can rest for safe haven in the coming storms.

There is only One pair of arms who can wrap around us and help us to stand, safe and secure in His embrace from what may come.

That became evident in a conversation with a coworker who had been reeling from an unexpected demand to prove himself again to a new team addition in another organization he works for, when he already has done so to the team as a whole for over a year.  His commitment to his word and the Word has been an inspiration to those who know Him, and inspired me to dig deeper into all He has for me. He cried out to God, spoke in response as He led, and God is stirring up the leadership to come out swinging in his defence.  As he waits, not yet knowing how this will all play out.

Yet He knows His security is not found in the support of human leaders, although he is blessed with their favor, but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In the last 48 hours I have stepped up to the plate three times as God has called me to, and used my gifting in ways I wasn’t quite ready for.  I suspect that was so He could show me just how solid and dependable He could be for me as I solely put my Hope and trust in Him to strengthen and empower me for the tasks I stepped into.

He blew me away with His grace, and the knowledge He was with me. He showed up in power, and lives were blessed through the encounters with Him as a result.

Because I emptied myself of me all the more, He had more room to move through and in me to use me as a blessing where He had placed me.   It wasn’t easy to let go of my struggle to be in control, but it was so sweet to rest in Him and allow Him to lead.

In a hard place?

Wounded from an unexpected arrow in the battle?

Weary from the race?

Fearful of what lies ahead?

Find comfort in knowing you are never alone, Beloved.

Draw strength from His embrace.

Proclaim His praise even when things look dim and grey.

Rest in Him, as He keeps you by His side, and helps you to stand.

May He fill your heart to overflowing with His love, as you fix your eyes upon Him above the waves, and take hold of the Rock of Ages. He promises He will come to us, His Beloved, the ones He died to save from sin. He will not abandon us in the battle.  He will come to our rescue, and show Himself strong as our defence.


clinging tightly


When my children were babies & toddlers, they used to cling tightly to me when we were in new situations or meeting new people.
As a mum, I adored those pressing in close snuggly opportunities which helped build their trust as they learned they could count of me to protect them.

As a little girl, my world shifted suddenly with the early death of my father and need for my mother to head to work full time. I felt unanchored, a feeling which stayed with me for more than a decade until I encountered God, and everything shifted once again.

Before Him, I tried clinging to my friends, boyfriends, my wit & sarcasm, music, reading & writing…..but all fell short of meeting the deeply rooted need for security which was begging to be watered as only God can.

Because clinging to anything but Him leaves us empty handed instead of tightly held.

We were made to be “cling ons” to Hope. Not the kind of window clings which unattach themselves as the elements change, nor the kind of Klingons who wreak havoc wherever they go.

We are meant to cling tightly to the One we were always meant to be rooted in.

The Only One who is our Rock solid security.

Whose foundation will never fail, whose embrace will always reek of grace & mercy, whose love for you & me is never ending, forevermore!

I am no longer ashamed about picturing myself clinging to His feet, pouring my heart out in worship, adoration & petition.

I am not ashamed of needing my hand held, despite being well into adulthood.

I know how desperately I need to be lead, fed, cared for & protected as I go through each day.

And I intend to cling on to Him, my Life Giver, for dear life as I move through the moments of each day.

The best parts of increasingly clinging on to Him?

He delights in holding on to us too! And He will never let us go.

cracky foundations


When we try to build our lives, often we attempt to build them like a house builder does.

With a firm foundation.
Straight boundary lines.
Properly insulated, heated & wired.
Secure roof.
Working plumbing.
Well maintained.
Both welcoming & safe.

All it takes is one crack in the foundation that goes unchecked to undermine the stability of the whole house.

Or in this case, our life.

One sin or lie, unchecked, has the ability to grow & deepen and attract more like minded elements set on expanding that crack & shaking our foundation.

And when your foundation is based solely on the works of your hands, the aftermath of a large crack can be devastating. Leaving you shattered, broken and hopeless.

God reminds us throughout the Word that He is to be our foundation.

For He alone is solid enough to last, secure enough to never crumble, and able to keep us protected under His covering.

When we allow that small unchecked crack- whether a sin, a lie or an area of disbelief we refuse to bring to Him- we open a door for the enemy to widen that crack in our foundation.

Time spent with Him in prayer & worship, studying the Word, listening & seeking His face every day is not only the best preventative measure you can make to protect your foundation, but to restore & heal the cracks you may already have.

I find that when I listen to my own thoughts or pain too much, without bringing them to the Lord or into line with His Word, a crack begins to form within.

If I leave it exposed to the elements without asking God to fix it, it expands faster than I can imagine.

One can become many when left unchecked.

Sin & lies are like yeast. You only need a small amount of yeast in a recipe, but it spreads throughout the other ingredients, linking them together to become something new.

In the case of the enemy, a small sin we think no one else will discover & keep to ourselves can lead to more & more decisions leading us down a path we never meant to head down but now can’t stop following without intervention.

One lie left unchecked magnetically attracts more, and once it gains enough strength, will begin to repel the truth to keep itself secure.

It only takes one spark to ignite an out of control fire.

God knew from the beginning we would need Him to be our foundation.

And He also knew we would fail to build solid lives without Him.

Jesus Himself came to be the cornerstone, the most important part of every foundation.

And because of His great love, Jesus ripped through the fabric of time & space, morality & law, to make the way for all to have Him not only save them, but to become their Rock.

The Rock of all ages.
Solid. Eternal. Holy. True. Secure.
All we could ever need for a solid foundation.

And He doesn’t just stop there.

Holy Spirit helps us on a daily basis to bring our foundation under His eye & seek where work may need to be done, or where previously done repairs may need to be reinforced.

There are many, many verses which touch upon God being our foundation, the Rock to build our lives upon.

Here are five such verses to ponder & memorize, to dig your teeth into & weave into your foundation.

For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
-1 Corinthians 3:11 ESV

These words I speak to you are not incidental additions to your life, homeowner improvements to your standard of living. They are foundational words, words to build a life on. If you work these words into your life, you are like a smart carpenter who built his house on solid rock. Rain poured down, the river flooded, a tornado hit—but nothing moved that house. It was fixed to the rock.
– Matthew 7:24-25 MSG

In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.
– 1 Timothy 6:19, NIV

He alone is my rock and my deliverance, my citadel high on the hill; I will not be shaken.
– Psalm 62:2 VOICE

But the Lord has become my High Tower and Defense, and my God the Rock of my refuge.
– Psalm 94:22 AMP

when the ground is shaking

Your work schedule has drastically changed,

illness has suddenly inconvenienced you,

the bills keep getting higher,

and the weight of it all makes you feel like you are on shaky ground.

Maybe, just maybe, you are like me.

You can carry too much on your own shoulders, and all it takes is one shift of one situation to throw your balance off kilter.

Like Chicken Little, you begin to think the sky is falling, and you proceed to run around like a little chick in circles.

You too may forget to look up, & give up.

Look up into the face of the One who wants to show you the love He has for you.

Give up trying to do it all alone, and allow Him to shoulder the burden you were never designed to carry.

That sounds so simple, yet many days i find it more of a struggle.

Because i forget to look up, and give up.

When He strengthens me, i can do way more than i ever dreamed or believed i could.

Because He is so much more than we can even imagine!

When i make the time to worship, dig deeper into the Word, and listen to hear His voice above the world’s murmurs of busyness….He never fails to remind me He is there for me, and longs for me to look up, and give up.  When i do, these words come to life within me:

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.
 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.   Psalm 62:1-2 ESV

And He reminds me of these such truths, through my daily quiet time, worship, instagram, Twitter & Facebook, the words of fellow believers and even different translations of the same verse.! Sometimes hearing a familiar Word put a different way can awaken your soul to it afresh:

God, the one and only—I’ll wait as long as He says. Everything I need comes from Him, so why not? He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, An impregnable castle: I’m set for life.  Psalm 62:1-2 MSG

God, may i ever take my eyes off of myself & my circumstances and look up to You first before and above all.

Help me to give up what i am carrying, even if i don’t know i am. Free up space within for my soul to breathe in Your company.  Be the solid Rock i am anchored upon, my hiding place & fortress of strength.

In and through and with You, I can make it through, knowing You are more than enough, all i need.

psalm 62v1n2


Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way


I fall to my knees again, Lord
and humble myself at Your feet.
I can only bring You myself
as I am
as my offering today.
My mind
is full of Your goodness
My heart
overwhelmed by Your Grace
My mouth
longs to shout & sing Your Praise
My spirit
leaps with joy in Your Presence
My body
is broken
and in need of Your strength
My hope
has been wavering
as I have hit this season
of tides and waves

You remind me
through Your Presence
that Your plans
will come pass!
I may struggle
to hold my balance
in the gale force winds
and to cling to You
as they rage
but my Foundation
will not be shaken,
You, my Rock
are the ever constant
I can depend on.
The Refuge
I can always find myself
safe within,
the ever loving protective
grip of Your embrace
will never let me go.

I may not know
the why, how or when,
but i know Who has spoken,
I know Your heart for me,
and I can trust Your love
even when I can’t see
the way out,
the way through or
the way ahead.
But You can.

As I press in,
and rest myself
in Your Presence
You help me to see
what You want me
to focus on next.

You are the Promise
that never fails.
You will always
come to my rescue,
provide for me,
and love me
through the rest of my life
and beyond.

“My Promise will come,”
Your Spirit reminds mine.
“Wait, and see, that I am good.
Hold on to Me.”


when the enemy begins his assault, run for Refuge

When you are moving forward into the new place God has called you to, or the dream is spreading its wings and starting to unfurl, the inevitable usually happens.

The enemy begins his assault.

His assignment? To stop you from being free in Christ. To hinder you from becoming who God designed you to be. To block you from what God has for you to do for His kingdom, for His glory.

His challenge?

We are on the Winner’s side.

God has announced for all who will hear it that the enemy will not win.

He is only a created being.  He is not the Creator.

The enemy comes to try and tear down but is no match for the pace of the Builder’s renovations.

The enemy is trying to win at checkers, while God is playing strategic chess.

Those who are created cannot outsmart or outknow or outwit the Eternal Creator who knows all.

If you are feeling a little battered or worn from this latest assault, draw your comfort from the Lord as you move into His stronghold, the secret place of refuge God has designed for you to hide in, safe in His strong loving embrace.

His protection? Impenetrable.

His strength? Unshakeable.

His love? Everlasting.

His Words? Eternal Truth.

His plans? Always come to pass.

His Presence? More than enough.

His Protection? Rock solid.

The enemy may do his best, but we have the Best Provider for all we need as our defence.

We need never fear when God is on our side, for He is up for the task of defeating our enemy, for He is the reason the enemy tries so hard to wound us.

The enemy may have been created by God, but He certainly has deluded himself as to his ability to take down the Maker of All.

Keep in mind, the enemy will try to lure and snare us in his attempt to wound us.

Our God is greater.

If you are weary from the skirmish, take comfort in knowing God wins the war.  The battle belongs to Him, and He will come to your defence when you cry out to Him.  His covering is the shield He will place about us as He keeps us safe.

If you have been wounded in the battle, know that His healing awaits. He is longing to bind up your wounds and restore you.

Keep your eyes fixed on your Defender, not the destroyer.

Don’t be afraid; don’t pay any mind to this vandal horde. This is God’s war, not yours. 2 Chronicles 20:15 MSG

Father, as Jesus was one with You and in You, so can we be. Draw me closer to You than I can ever imagine. May Your walls of refuge & defence hold strong against the enemy’s assault. YOUR PLANS WILL PREVAIL, LORD. We know how the story ends, and the Winner has been announced forever. May I hear Your voice above all the clamour and chaos, and may Your Word release peace & order as Your Presence grows stronger within me as I seek You. You are more than enough, always, for all I need, always.  Amen.

In the Lord I take refuge. Psalm 11:1a


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