when it’s hard to believe for the best

Yesterday was a day filled with highs and lows, from which I am still both in shock and filled with praise as i process it all. It is hard seeing your child reeling with hurt. One of mine is struggling to show honor in a placement where she has been discouraged and put down byContinue reading “when it’s hard to believe for the best”

clinging tightly

When my children were babies & toddlers, they used to cling tightly to me when we were in new situations or meeting new people. As a mum, I adored those pressing in close snuggly opportunities which helped build their trust as they learned they could count of me to protect them. As a little girl,Continue reading “clinging tightly”

cracky foundations

When we try to build our lives, often we attempt to build them like a house builder does. With a firm foundation. Straight boundary lines. Properly insulated, heated & wired. Secure roof. Working plumbing. Well maintained. Both welcoming & safe. All it takes is one crack in the foundation that goes unchecked to undermine theContinue reading “cracky foundations”

when the ground is shaking

Your work schedule has drastically changed, illness has suddenly inconvenienced you, the bills keep getting higher, and the weight of it all makes you feel like you are on shaky ground. Maybe, just maybe, you are like me. You can carry too much on your own shoulders, and all it takes is one shift ofContinue reading “when the ground is shaking”

Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way

I fall to my knees again, Lord and humble myself at Your feet. I can only bring You myself as I am as my offering today. My mind is full of Your goodness My heart overwhelmed by Your Grace My mouth longs to shout & sing Your Praise My spirit leaps with joy in YourContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way”

when the enemy begins his assault, run for Refuge

When you are moving forward into the new place God has called you to, or the dream is spreading its wings and starting to unfurl, the inevitable usually happens. The enemy begins his assault. His assignment? To stop you from being free in Christ. To hinder you from becoming who God designed you to be.Continue reading “when the enemy begins his assault, run for Refuge”