I had my midlife crisis moment earlier than some. I didn’t run away from home, break up with my hubby, leave my job, or buy a dream ________. I got a tattoo about three years ago Technically its three in one. I am guessing you may have a glimpse of where this post may be … More tattoo

give unto..

Taxes. Our yearly sweat boiled down into one document submitted to our government, sometimes with tears. And most of us moan, groan and complain about it. Yet Jesus took a different tactic: They sent some Pharisees and followers of Herod to bait him, hoping to catch him saying something incriminating. They came up and said, … More give unto..

you can’t have one without the other

Which holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Easter? This is one of those questions I have thought deep and long about. Christmas and Easter are not stand alone, exclusive events. They are fantastically intertwined expressions of God’s intervention into history. HiStory as God intended. Christmas. (image from: The reveal of God with us. Among … More you can’t have one without the other