when it rains….

There is an awful lot of storming going on around right now. Chaos attempts to take over previously peaceful shores. Grey clouds try to block the sun as far as the naked eye can see. Heavy weights falls on shoulders not strong enough to take the load. When it rains this kind of rain, weContinue reading “when it rains….”

break the yolk

Yesterday, during worship, I had an encounter with God that shook me. Literally & figuratively. I have a few physical issues that have been bothering me, some of them long years of discomfort. But i had a sense in that split second that although my physical issues are a big deal to me, there wasContinue reading “break the yolk”


Pre-Note: as I am currently taking a week long intense Jane Austen course, it is likely that this week there will be blog posts influenced by the major themes we are studying. As she was a believer, and keen observer I am honored to be able to have such a writer continue to impact myContinue reading “sense-ability”