unpacking your choices

Yesterday I shared how almost nothing astounds me more than the ability God has given each of us to choose. Choice. To head left or right. To move or stay. To say yes or no. To give or take. To forgive or hold onto a grudge. Most of our life happens as a result ofContinue reading “unpacking your choices”

come out

I can so relate to the scene in the movie Frozen where Anna keeps asking Elsa to come out from behind her locked door to play with her. In fact, I cried at that scene in the movie theater. Probably not the norm for that timing in that particular movie, but it struck a chordContinue reading “come out”

entrenched in guilt

Being entrenched in your guilt is like standing in cement and letting it set around your feet. #TheMercifulScar Guilt does nothing but lock you into place, keeping you from moving forward. The only way to combat guilt? Admit the issue that you are feeling guilty about. Sounds simple enough, but when you shove something toContinue reading “entrenched in guilt”

looking back

There were two ways to look back. One is healthy, the other an addiction. One acknowledges your history, looking over your past as if you were flipping through a magazine, with a few key images, major highlights and the necessary details inside. This way acknowledges where you came from, but you have been set freeContinue reading “looking back”

come back to life

Let everything bad escape and take the pain with it so you can come back to life. #TheMercifulScar I have found that God is truly the only way to leave my past behind, in its icky pain hurt loss filled entirety. It is one thing to share your hurt with another person, as there isContinue reading “come back to life”