stop your peace robbers

Guilt and shame only serves one purpose: it robs you of today’s peace. -Rock Paper Scissors Foundation tweet How often do you let your history or emotions in the enemy’s hands suck the peace right out of you? The first hand raised right now is mine. I have let the liar have way too muchContinue reading “stop your peace robbers”

forgive me note

Today, its time to write something fairly raw and honest. I had to write a note and forgive someone today. That person was me. I still struggle with being too hard on myself. I have grace for everyone else, but me. As I did this exercise tonight with my small group, i had a breakContinue reading “forgive me note”

say goodbye to shame

There is no shame. There is only God’s love. #TheMercifulScar Tired of carrying the weight of your actions on your shoulders? Fed up with dragging your shame around behind you? Then don’t for another moment longer. Its time to realize that we are carrying something God doesn’t see any longer. You see, if we confessContinue reading “say goodbye to shame”