stop your peace robbers

Guilt and shame only serves one purpose: it robs you of today’s peace.

-Rock Paper Scissors Foundation tweet

How often do you let your history or emotions in the enemy’s hands suck the peace right out of you?

The first hand raised right now is mine.

I have let the liar have way too much room to move in my life.

And I am stirred up about it.

But not just angry, because anger without purpose is self destructive too.

I am determined to close access within to the enemy, and lock him out of His former playground.

You hear me, enemy.

I am the bought & paid for property of Jesus, and He alone is to be the renovator of this temple.

Just coz you used to sneak in doesn’t give you full access to the place, now that Jesus holds the keys.

Yes, I did some stuff I was ashamed of while under your influence, I did even more just coz I could.

Jesus knows my full history, and has erased the USB drive of all that data. So although it happened, it doesn’t need to shape me for the negative any longer.

No more guilt,
No more shame.

God has gifted me with peace in their place, and I intended to allow resting in Him & peace to take over all the spaces that may need filling in this temple.

If I am His, and He is mine, you aren’t invited to this dance any longer.

Peace out, enemy.

Oh you may try to pull the wool over my eyes now and then, but our breakup is permanent.

You’ve met my Groom, I seem to recall. Things don’t go so well for you when He walks in the room, or shows up to break up your party.

Oh, and by the way, I know how the war ends.

And I am on the winning side.

Steep in the peace of knowing who you are in Christ, sisters & brothers, each and every morning. Let His Word stay fresh in your minds, and may you hear the Spirit guiding you through the day ahead. Jesus has got you covered, and Abba is keeping a close watch over you.

Peace in, Beloved.


forgive me note

Today, its time to write something fairly raw and honest.

I had to write a note and forgive someone today.

That person was me.

I still struggle with being too hard on myself. I have grace for everyone else, but me.

As I did this exercise tonight with my small group, i had a break through.

Forgiving myself is God’s plan for me, once I have sought His forgiveness. I have been blocking my own freedom by raging at myself for what God has already forgiven me for, and forgotten!

So here is my note, and the pic of what I chose to surrender to God tonight…

Dear ME,

God has given me grace, and is not holding my mistakes and wrongs against me.

So I choose to forgive me too.

If the one who has the right to judge me pardons me instead, I need to pardon myself too…
or else I don’t show Him the respect He deserves as my Saviour, or myself as His creation, the one He loves.

So, self?

Tomorrow is a new day,
just waiting for me to arise,
greet my God
and begin with a fresh start of grace.

You are forgiven, self, in Jesus’ name.



PS. You may need to forgive yourself or someone else too. I would suggest trying to write it out, draw it out or pull out the play dough and craft it out.  However you need to process it, make the time to listen for His prompting on who or what you need to forgive, and do it.

Stewing in unforgiveness doesn’t look good on us, and only hurts us by holding it in.  Shame tells us the game is over, God reminds us our life continues on & His Grace is enough.

~Mike Foster

Freedom awaits on the other side of guilt & shame.

Love breaks our call,
Grace carries us home.

~Bob Goff

say goodbye to shame

There is no shame.
There is only God’s love.


Tired of carrying the weight of your actions on your shoulders?

Fed up with dragging your shame around behind you?

Then don’t for another moment longer.

Its time to realize that we are carrying something God doesn’t see any longer.

You see, if we confess our stuff to God, He erases it from His forever data bank.
Signed, sealed, delivered, done.

We are the ones who pick up our old garments & try to keep wearing them, despite the fact they no longer fit.

We miss the love when we take our eyes off of Him,and focus on our past again, redredging up shame to torment us.

if you have asked God to forgive you,
He has.

if He has forgiven you,
you are made new & free.

if you can’t shake shame on your own,
get help.

ask someone to pray with and for you.
write down the transaction of being forgiven by God.

then take the steps to move forwards with His love as your guide.

Love makes a way…always.

if God Himself IS love, He can’t help Himself from expressing it to us.

stop accepting the shame game
and its blame

refill the empty space with Love.

your life will be changed for the better!