Sunday Psalm: Captivated

I come
trembling with awe,
hesitantly fearful
as I approach You.
I am so enamored with You,
the very idea You might not
feel the same about me
fleetingly haunts my mind,
as my insecurity &
brokenness try to overcome
me as I draw near.

It is You I adore,
and like the moth to the flame
I want to burn for You,
knowing I will never be the same
through our encounter.

As I tentatively step Your way,
You turn and capture my glance.
I am enthralled by Your gaze,
as the passion & love You have for me burns its way into my spirit,
at the very core of who I am.

You begin to walk towards me,
confident in Your magnificence,
as I start to run.

I can hardly wait
to be in Your embrace.
The dirt of our time apart
begins to miraculously
fall away
and I begin to glow
from the reflection
of Your adoring complexion.

When You open Your arms
in welcome,
i rush into Your warm embrace.
My head rest against Your heart
and I both hear & feel the ferocious beating of
Your love for me.
You captivate me
in all You are.

I am Home.



Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way


I fall to my knees again, Lord
and humble myself at Your feet.
I can only bring You myself
as I am
as my offering today.
My mind
is full of Your goodness
My heart
overwhelmed by Your Grace
My mouth
longs to shout & sing Your Praise
My spirit
leaps with joy in Your Presence
My body
is broken
and in need of Your strength
My hope
has been wavering
as I have hit this season
of tides and waves

You remind me
through Your Presence
that Your plans
will come pass!
I may struggle
to hold my balance
in the gale force winds
and to cling to You
as they rage
but my Foundation
will not be shaken,
You, my Rock
are the ever constant
I can depend on.
The Refuge
I can always find myself
safe within,
the ever loving protective
grip of Your embrace
will never let me go.

I may not know
the why, how or when,
but i know Who has spoken,
I know Your heart for me,
and I can trust Your love
even when I can’t see
the way out,
the way through or
the way ahead.
But You can.

As I press in,
and rest myself
in Your Presence
You help me to see
what You want me
to focus on next.

You are the Promise
that never fails.
You will always
come to my rescue,
provide for me,
and love me
through the rest of my life
and beyond.

“My Promise will come,”
Your Spirit reminds mine.
“Wait, and see, that I am good.
Hold on to Me.”


Sunday Psalm: Pray Sing a New Psalm

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.
Is anyone cheerful?
Let him sing psalms.
James 5:13

Lord, I am weary
of my sore muscles,
rattled head,
sensitive hearing,
restless sleep.
I invite You
to show Yourself strong
once again
and move in, through & with me
May Your Presence
be tangible & evident
as I seek You.

The peace
You send
once I humble myself
in prayer
has my spirit leaping
within me,
longing to bust out in
loud, exuberant praise!

You never fail.
You will be with me,
I may stumble
but will not be shaken
when You are my Rock.
Your stronghold of refuge
is always open
to Your beloved,
to me!
Just the thought
that You are for me
brightens my eyes,
brings a glow to my reflection
and warmth to my heart.

Just as the birds joyously
begin their day
with birdsong,
may Your people
start their day with God song,
proclaiming Your praise
all the day long!

Your More-than-Enough
will always be enough for me!



Sunday Psalm: How Long?

I come
to worship You
again this morning,
feeling increasingly
weary and heavy laden
as I draw close
to Your throne.
Its in Your presence
that I realize
all I have been dragging around
within and behind me.

Your love doesn’t just stop
at making me Yours,
You long for me
to continuously be set free
into the full newness
of all You have for me.

Your love keeps wooing,
drawing me in
until my heart softens
from the overflow
and lets go
of the burden
weighing me down.

I cry “Freedom”
with no holds barred
as I look into
Your eyes
that burn with adoration
for me,
and within that split second
of time
& break the chains
once and for all.

All You have for me
is my heart’s desire.

I don’t fully grasp
what that looks like, God.

How long until I am fully free?

The better question,
how long until I accept & fully walk in the freedom I have?

I will never stop running
to You, Lord
as You never stop singing
Your love over me
and inviting me Home.