Sunday Psalm: Captivated

I come trembling with awe, hesitantly fearful as I approach You. I am so enamored with You, the very idea You might not feel the same about me fleetingly haunts my mind, as my insecurity & brokenness try to overcome me as I draw near. It is You I adore, and like the moth toContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Captivated”

Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way

I fall to my knees again, Lord and humble myself at Your feet. I can only bring You myself as I am as my offering today. My mind is full of Your goodness My heart overwhelmed by Your Grace My mouth longs to shout & sing Your Praise My spirit leaps with joy in YourContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Your Promises is on His way”

Sunday Psalm: Pray Sing a New Psalm

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms. James 5:13 Lord, I am weary of my sore muscles, rattled head, sensitive hearing, restless sleep. I invite You to show Yourself strong once again and move in, through & with me today. May Your Presence be tangible & evidentContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Pray Sing a New Psalm”

Sunday Psalm: How Long?

Lord, I come to worship You again this morning, feeling increasingly weary and heavy laden as I draw close to Your throne. Its in Your presence that I realize all I have been dragging around within and behind me. Your love doesn’t just stop at making me Yours, You long for me to continuously beContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: How Long?”