in His Presence

Your God is present among you, a strong Warrior there to save you.
Happy to have you back, He’ll calm you with His love and delight you with His songs. Zephaniah 3:17 MSG

I have a confession to make.

This verse is one of my favorite verses in the Old Testament.  In the passage of Zephaniah 3, God is reminding His people that He is with them, and restoration is coming.

Because of who He is.

Present with us.
Mighty to save us.
Ready for battle.

But He doesn’t just remind us of His physical presence in this verse, for He is not a two dimensional God.  He is whole, and how He describes Himself is alive and ever for His Beloved.

God reassures us of His devotion for us, His people, through Zephaniah’s writings.

●Thrilled we have returned to Him
●Calming our worries and anxieties with His love
●Delighting us with His songs

God not only protects those who come under the shadow of His wing, He loves up on us!  He keeps us calm! And to top it off, God HIMSELF sings to us for OUR delight!

If you have forgotten how wonderful our God is, in all the many ways He chooses to be there for us, invite Him to remind you as you return to the safety of His embrace.  Let Him love up on you when you are with Him, in His Presence.


not alone

I have been “off” for the past week.

I never realized how much food, or cutting out some of what I used to eat, impacts my overall wellness. Hangry I have been used to from when I am later eating than I should, but hangry meeting fasting- I was so not prepared for.

Add a large project, technical glitches, miscommunication and a hangry partial faster together- and you get my day.

The real issue underlying it all was not my hunger.

Sure, the grumbles were annoying, but I coped.

It was not so much the technical issues, or the timing of the project.

It was even so much the need to constantly double check everything.

The real issue began to surface when i waved my daughter off on the bus for her weekend getaway, kissed my hubby goodbye for his man camp overnight, and finally saw my son head up north to visit a friend.

I realized it was going to just be me.

and tonight, after the day I had today, I wanted company.

I didn’t want to be alone.

I ran my errands, picked up dinner & finally got home to work for another hour or so.

Then God nudged me to put on a particular album.

and He reminded me, through one of my fave songs,
I AM NOT ALONE (via Kari Jobs)

When I walk through deep waters
I know that You will be with me
When I’m standing in the fire
I will not be overcome
Through the valley of the shadow
I will not fear

I am not alone
I am not alone
You will go before me
You will never leave me

In the midst of deep sorrow
I see Your light is breaking through
The dark of night will not overtake me
I am pressing into You
Lord, You fight my every battle
And I will not fear

You amaze me
Redeem me
You call me as Your own

You’re my strength
You’re my defender
You’re my refuge in the storm
Through these trials
You’ve always been faithful
You bring healing to my soul

my soul leaped within me
as I sang with full abandon
how grateful I am for Your love:
Always there for me.
Always with me.
Always shielding, loving, caring for me.

Despite the circumstances you may find yourself in today,
whether its your drama
or the overflow of some one else’s.

No matter how I may fail, literally,
God, You are there to pick me up again, set my feet on the solid Rock of Your Presence, and guide me into new deep waters.

You have always been more than enough each and always will.

Spirit, prompt me to keep my eyes fixed on You, no matter what my day

My He always do the same for you as wemll