password of praise

Blessed are the people who know the passwords of praise, who shout on parade in the bright presence of God.

Psalm. 89:15 MSG

Miss feeling close to God?

It’s time to praise.

When we speak out words of praise, God releases blessing. But more than that: He shows up! His presence lights our way, and stirs up even more praise within us!

As His people, we need to daily praise Him and invite His Presence to shine.

In His Presence, our praise should erupt! Take some time before Him today, and become a person of praise again!

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God’s timing is so awesome.
Yesterday, I had a sense that I was going to have a breakthrough, and this email of a devotional i wrote before Christmas was posted at Remade Ministries, where I am one of many blessed to contribute there.

Yesterday, I slipped on a nasty patch of ice, and am now laid up with a mild concussion, with a sore neck, shoulders, right elbow & buttock.

Yet I give God praise for my coworkers. friends & family who rallied around me, and how even though I feel yucky, I can sense Him with me. And I can rest in His safe embrace.

My password to peace is praising the name of Jesus, at any time and in all situations!


For the last 24 hours, I have been hearing the words ‘brave’.

Watching the Disney movie reminded me that we can be brave in hard circumstances when we know we are loved.

Hearing the song “Make Me Brave” by Bethel reminds me exactly who the real brave one is, and it isn’t me.

At least, not on my own.

On the outside, I may appear, as many of us do, to have it all together.

On the inside? A whole other story!

Usually I am trying to rely on my own strength and ability, and when I do so, I fail to make it anywhere close to bravery.

More like a chick who won’t leave her shell, content to hide where it is safe until trouble passes by.

The trouble is, trouble never passes us by for long.

On the flip side, God knew we would have trouble, and designed us to be brave.

He did, honest.

But it’s not brave the way the world defines it.

It is bravery despite the world.

The world says:

“Grin & bear it.”

“Be a real man”

 “That’s not something a women should do”.

” Take it or leave it.”

“You can go your own way.”

God replies:

“I am more than enough for whatever you are facing.”

“A real man or woman  follows My call & purpose for their life.”

“Listen for My voice.”

“I will never leave you or foresake you.”

There is a path that leads to life, and another leading to death.

Which road you choose determines where you end up.
The fork in the road between the two paths?

It’s shaped liked a cross on purpose.

It is time to make the decision.

Live brave.

God is calling us out beyond our comfort zones. The cliff ahead may seem daunting, the waves rushing to crash against the shore.

Knowing God is with me is enough to remind me it’s because of Him I can be brave.

Knowing how much her mother loved her was enough to make Mereda brave when it counted.

God loves us so much Jesus laid down His life for us.

Jesus was able to be brave when it counted, knowing it was part of the plan which brought Him to earth, with the purpose of showing us just how much He loves us.

God can do no less for you and I.

In fact, He is just waiting for us to come to Him, so He can love up on us.

It is that love, and knowing what He has for us to do, that together makes us brave.

Its up to me, to you, to choose…