Spirit soaring

Today was to be a day off, but God had other plans for me, which is why I am currently find myself carefully trying to type on a bus! I got a heads up last night, as I was checking an email, and a new favorite song has been added to our to learn list … More Spirit soaring

upward falling

Upward falling, spirit soaring I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground -Hillsong United I have been discovering how stronger i am when I admit it am weak. When I lay myself as I am before Him, God does something amazing with me. And He does he same with you too, broken vessel. … More upward falling

key holder

Don’t ever toss the keys to your dreams to anyone else. Chris Hogan tweet, @ChrisHogan360 There is only one person who should hold the key to your dreams. You. I recently met an author & speaker who mentioned that what comes between us and our living out our dreams, our calling is ourselves. We are … More key holder

the struggle

Too many voices are being snuffed out. Who have you lost to depression or mental illness? Have your relationships been impacted so much you can nearly breathe from the pain? Sometimes those who are the most talented can’t pull back from the edges of their greatness in time to miss seeing the void on the … More the struggle

your big year

I recently watched the movie ‘The Big Year’ with my family, without knowing much about it, besides the actors & that birdwatching would be involved. It was quite the eye opener for me. The day before I was reminded we need to remember the treasures we have, which may be hidden under all our junk. … More your big year