who am i

There are many days
where my busyness
causes a daze
resulting from a haze
of scattered thoughts

Who am I
where do I belong
what I am here for
become my heart’s song

and if I am not careful
I will miss the cue
that who I am pales besides
the Presence of You

Maker of the Heavens
All Earth Land & Sea
Every creature known to man
down to the smallest bee

Who I am still echoes
in the light of who You are
I hear Your voice speak to me
I see the hand that is scarred

reaching for me
reminding me
I am never alone

The One who set the stars in the heavens
and the rhythm of the tides
calls me back to life again
from His eternal throne

Who He is
is the key
to the answer I seek
Who I am
flows from His heart
where redemption & I meet

I am my Beloved’s
and He is mine
forever more to stay

The hope of more
than in the now
helps get me through today

I am chosen
here with purpose
planned to be His
marked precious deep below the surface

I am the victor
as He leads me
into peace despite the storm
my refuge and hiding place,
safety from the swarm

I overcome
in His name
the Name above all names
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
frees me from all shame

The chains fall off
in freedom’s song
as Jesus moves in me
His Presence defines
who I will become
as unveiled I begin to see
that as I look
into His face
all else fades away

I am His
He is mine
and beside Him will I always stay

I belong.

(because some days
the words write themselves out of these hands,
and in thankfulness for all He is,
I follow His plans)


And if like me, sometimes you need God to sing the reminder of who you are over you, please listen to:
Jason Gray: Who i am to You


…make myself at home in His love.
– John 15:10 (MSG)

Our true home is calling.

Jesus came so we can have life in abundance here on earth, but the source of that life is eternal.

God Himself.

And once we decide to let Him in, He opens the doors to wonders we can only grasp at while here on earth.

We will be gasping with awe and wonder when we see them in heaven.

We were designed to walk with God in the garden.

To converse with Him face to face.

Once we have met Him, our spirit within begins to long for its true home, heaven.

And we have an internal unquenchable hope dependent upon our eternal God.
Holy, true, awesome in all His majesty.

His Spirit continues to whisper to our spirit, reminding us we are on a journey where the final destination is set firm:
Heaven is our true home.

And we get glimpses and snippets of heaven breaking through in to our daily lives from time to time, through thin places.

Where the presence of heaven invades earth in a mighty glimpse of what is yet to come.

His love is the key to it all.

God has a place for you, for me, in His love. Jesus refers to it as the Father’s mansion with many rooms.

I think that mansion is His heart.

God invites us to move in, and live in His love.

To make our home in Him.

To rest with the Almighty, secure in knowing He is in control.

As much as I love my family, friends and most of my life here on earth, my spirit leaps when I think of heaven.

I believe our spirits can be home sick for our true home, just as we can be when we are away from our houses or country.

His love is drawing us heavenward.

Hope begins with His Presence,
reaching out to us,
calling us Home.

Every love song serves as an echo of heaven’s invitation home.

worship is a weapon

Worship releases God’s presence into the atmosphere, wherever we are.

And when God is there, all of Him- His character, freedom, love, justice is there as well.

When we acknowledge God is King, number one in our lives, and our strength….He can move in ways we never fathomed or dreamed possible.

When we are battling depression, anger, anxiety, fear…we need to call out to God through praising HIm for who he is, what He has done, and invite Him into whatever it is we are facing.

When we recognize God on His throne, we give Him the honor He is due.

We release Him to be all He is.

To do all he wants to.

Right in the here and now of the moment we are in.

Worship releases God’s power in a way that is almost beyond comprehension, but is certainly felt and seen.

We can feel when God enters the room.

We can see Him moving when we see people praising Him, bowing before Him, being healed, being set free, worshiping with abandon.

Worship releases God to move against our enemy.

Which is why worship can be and is a weapon.

When we proclaim who He is, we use our devotion and love for God as our defense, and allow God to battle, to fight for us.


The battle belongs to the Lord.

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, holy holy is He.

Sing a new song to Him who sits on heaven’s mercy seat.

He is Lord, forever and ever, Amen.





an instrument of praise


I was made as an instrument.
My designer had a purpose in mind when I was created.
I was hardwired to praise.

Funny how when you take your mind off your purpose, you can find yourself far off course.

Its like sitting in a canoe, not using your oars, being spun in circles by a sudden squall. Once you use the oars, their purpose become clear, they are designed to be used as an integral part of moving in a canoe.

Not tapping into praising God leaves our soul spinning in circles, drying out without the refreshing that comes  worshipping our Designer.

Our voices were designed for sharing the positive, no matter what is going on in our lives.

Thanking God for how He is always there for us.
Praising Him for helping you through a difficult situation or season.
Worshipping Him for who He is.
Speaking words of love, life, freedom and hope.
Proclaiming the Good News.

Each instrument has an important part to play in the orchestra. Only when each plays in tune and according to their part, does the piece come alive as its author intended.

We are the instruments that need to tune in to the song we are meant to be playing.

How the song is expressed through each of us depends on our design, but how beautiful is the combined music we make when we worship together!

Ask the Designer to help you find the song He made you to sing.

Then sing it with all you’ve got, for His glory.

one song

Today at church, we had a time of prayer for the communities where we live, as represented by those in attendance.

We made a stand, lifting our prayers and hands before God, offering all we have and all we are to Him.

During that prayer time, I started singing part of a new song over and over, and managed to jot down a few of the lyrics.

I haven’t been stirred to do so for a long long time.

It was like coming home.

Which is aptly so considering the lyrics I was singing!

We stand in the gap
For those He loves around us
Feeling God’s heart
For the ones He’s drawing in

Releasing freedom, freedom
to the captives crying
freedom is beckoning in.

We see freedom, freedom
For the sick and lonely
Freedom is calling them whole

We’re bringing freedom, freedom
For the hurt and broken
Freedom is loving them home

When we sense how God feels about one another, we begin to yearn for His plans to unfold.

Plans not to harm, but to bless.
Plans to heal.
Be made whole.
Plans that give us enduring hope.
Fulfilled promises.
Love everlasting.
A forever home.

May God awaken your gifts to bless those He has placed around you.

It takes one to love one.
One act of kindness.
One word of hope.
One hand of mercy.
One gesture of grace.
One listening to God’s voice.
One obeying their call.

Be the one you were designed to me.

There is only and ever will be only one of you.

Be the one you are to the fullest.