find rest…

We are all looking for that soft place to land upon when we fall. We tend to keep ourselves busy to distract ourselves from the fact something isn’t right. We all need rest. And some of us need to stop running so we can find it again. Saying yes to some priorities means saying noContinue reading “find rest…”

Lover of Your Presence

I can’t hold it back my love for You it bubbles up within waiting for me to open my mouth and release it I only want to be with You the Lover of my soul I long to be always in Your embrace gazing upon Your Holy face seeing Your love reflected in Your gazeContinue reading “Lover of Your Presence”

Sunday Psalm: Step into the Light

It’s time to stop cowering, soul and listening to the Liar. My spirit longs, cries out for freedom, for wholeness. You hear this cry from my broken & humble heart and You answer by shining Your Light onto the hidden places, revealing the chains that have only served to keep me from anchoring securely toContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Step into the Light”

resting declares freedom

Resting is a declaration of freedom. -Kerri Weems We are meant to wield our rest. Rest is not the lack of action, but a weapon to choose. Our choice not to act is in fact an action. When we fail to choose rest, we find ourselves ever increasingly exhausted, stressed out and not focused onContinue reading “resting declares freedom”

resting in the moment with God

This Monday, I did something completely different. I have a piece posting to a different website today, and I am inviting you to drop in and read how to find rest in the moment throughout your busy days. There are a few tips & suggestions for those of us who need a jumping off pointContinue reading “resting in the moment with God”

Steep in His Love

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Matthew 6:33 MSG Afraid of missing out? I know I am at times…maybe more than I am comfortable admitting! There are days where I don’t get in those things I love to do,Continue reading “Steep in His Love”

pausing in the yearning

I have a confession to make. I don’t like waiting. In fact, I hate it. Like a wild horse, I have been in need of taming in this area. And with the brokenness that came from the taming at His hands, I have found a secret that helps me in the inevitable wait. Because weContinue reading “pausing in the yearning”

soul custody

Our souls were never designed to be in the tug of war battles we find ourselves in. They were designed to be pursued by One and pursue only One. And ever since that lie in the Garden where perfect oneness had existed between man, woman & God the enemy has continued to speak poison toContinue reading “soul custody”

who’s pursuing who?

And when I walk away You take off running and come right after me It’s what You do and I don’t deserve You. Plumb – Don’t Deserve You Pursuing You I have come to realize is only the result of Your pursuit of me And when I walk away You follow hard after me callingContinue reading “who’s pursuing who?”

finding spiritual whitespace

There are times when you pick up a book, and you really have no idea what you are getting into. This is one such book. After the introduction, I will confess I was teary eyed with relief. I am not alone in how I feel. By the end of chapter 6, I was not theContinue reading “finding spiritual whitespace”