I am in this

This morning, I woke up to a situation I didn’t expect.
And quite honestly, was quite upset with.
No one likes not being listened to, and sometimes pain is speaking so loudly it drowns out the voice of love.

As I was in my initial shock, I heard God whisper,
“Rest in Me. I am in this.”

A few minutes later, once I finishes what I had to do, I hears Him whisper again,
“Rest in Me. I’ve got this.”

Then the radio started playing
this chorus, by one of my fave worship leaders, right where my soul was at:
Lord I need You,
oh I need You.
Every hour, I need You.
My one defense,
my righteousness,
Oh God, how I need You.

How can I not rest in Him being in full control when He keeps gently reminding me to do so?

Like you, I struggle with letting go of situations outside of my control.

Because holding onto to them does nothing apart from winding me up too tightly.

Causing me to miss what it is God wants to show me in the midst of whatever is going on.

And I am tired of missing out on seeing more God in my days.

I live with myself 24/7, and I am quite honestly sick of the same old, same old going on within me.

Its time to welcome more rest, and less stress. Leaning into His arms, giving over my burdens,and finding the rest I know I desperately need for my soul.

When God tells you He is in this, taking our hands off allows Him to shine more brightly without us being in the way.

More of You, God.
Less of me.


slow cooked

I love coming home after a long day’s work to dinner being ready to serve, with only one pot to wash.  I plan my meals around our crazier nights to make it easier on us all by having dinner cook slowly throughout the day, instead of a mad dash to get it ready once I get through the door.

One of the women in a bible study I am attending this summer brought up how she thought that God was a slow cooker.

I immediately caught what she meant.

In this age of instant expectation & the rush of the drive thru, we can miss the blessing that can come through preparing ahead, which is something you have to do with a slow cooker.

A tough piece of meat can soften over the long cooking process when the slow cooker is placed on low, and come out tender and as soft as butter. Many people put less expensive cuts of meat in, knowing this slow cooking process will tenderize it to taste like a premium cut.

God does the same with us.

He has prepared a place for us, and the path for us to make it there.  If we place our lives in His hands, as imperfect and hardened flesh needing to be softened and remodeled, He tenderizes and makes us into the best us we can be with His loving care. Our hearts, our minds, our souls.

We tend to think God should do everything in an instant, but we only think as far as we can see. God has had a plan in place from the instant He began creation, to unveil His full plan for each and everyone He has ever and will ever create on earth. 

His plan has spanned the entirety of human history.

The ultimate slow cooker, indeed.

I don’t get stressed out anymore about what is coming up ahead tomorrow, or the day after that…

As I continue to offer my whole self to Him, He continues to slowly shape me into the whole me He planned, moment by moment, day by day…

The slow cooking process can feel too long, but in His hands I will be the best result possible!



Connection helps combat depression.


We were hardwired to interact, both with one another & God. Lone wolf, black sheep or not.

Knowing you have a soft place to fall, arms of support, a listening ear, backing when its needed and words of love- this is the kind of connection our soul cries out for from birth.

Its ultimately the cry for our Creator, which we are better able to grasp when we connect with one another.

Everyone wants to know they are:


VALVES for short.

Our heart beats with joy when its valves are working properly.

Our life is less blue, less lonely with the oxygen of connection.

Our soul can find rest, peace with healthy interaction.

Its time to connect.
Not just be acquainted with.

Acquaintance implies a distance, a holding back from one another. At times a hesitancy to place value on a new relationship.

Each person you meet might be one who deep down is seeking connection. To know they matter, to somebody.

You may be placed in their lives to model the ultimate connection…a lasting permanent relationship with God.

You cannot tell from the outside all that may be stirring on the inside of those you meet….but God can.

You are part of His plan for reaching those in desperate need of connection.  To point the way for them to find who it is they are truly looking for.

You may end up blessed in the process!

(Hey, for those of you who want to read a bit more about how connection helps fight depression, click the link below to be taken to a great blogging site by:
Dale Partridge)

rain down

After the winter we just had, even rain looks good to me as I eagerly await spring.

Rain is an integral part of spring,

Without it, there would be no life, just barren desert.

This past harsh icy winter has left the trees asleep, the ground extra hard, and abounding dreariness. A need for escape, light, sunshine, warmth and a new view.

Winter can occur in the soul as well.

A deep freeze, hardening our hearts, locking us into believing hope is nowhere nearby.

But spring too can happen for the soul, in the hearts of those who seek it.

It just takes rain.

A living water than soaks in deep, getting in to every nook and cranny of your being.

Watering the seeds planted, waiting for such a time as this.

A water that restores, causes life to bloom, forgiveness to flow, new life to blossom.

A cleansing away of winter until there is no trace left, and all you can sense is the spring now flowing out of you.

Without winter, the soul would not appreciate spring.

Without rain, spring could never come.

“He comes as rain comes,
as spring rain refreshing the ground. ”
Hosea 6:3 (Message)

If you are stuck in the winter running rampant within, know that God wants to shower you with His presence, soak you in His love, and set spring and life free within you.

Its time to stand up, ask for God’s rain to pour down on you; to find the refreshing you have been longing for in His downpour.

For He will come.
His word is His promise.
Spring is coming.


an instrument of praise


I was made as an instrument.
My designer had a purpose in mind when I was created.
I was hardwired to praise.

Funny how when you take your mind off your purpose, you can find yourself far off course.

Its like sitting in a canoe, not using your oars, being spun in circles by a sudden squall. Once you use the oars, their purpose become clear, they are designed to be used as an integral part of moving in a canoe.

Not tapping into praising God leaves our soul spinning in circles, drying out without the refreshing that comes  worshipping our Designer.

Our voices were designed for sharing the positive, no matter what is going on in our lives.

Thanking God for how He is always there for us.
Praising Him for helping you through a difficult situation or season.
Worshipping Him for who He is.
Speaking words of love, life, freedom and hope.
Proclaiming the Good News.

Each instrument has an important part to play in the orchestra. Only when each plays in tune and according to their part, does the piece come alive as its author intended.

We are the instruments that need to tune in to the song we are meant to be playing.

How the song is expressed through each of us depends on our design, but how beautiful is the combined music we make when we worship together!

Ask the Designer to help you find the song He made you to sing.

Then sing it with all you’ve got, for His glory.