neon handiwork

I have been enjoying and learning so much from digging into His Word, without speed reading. I have purposely slowed myself to take in each verse, and seek the Message for me to apply to my own life. When I read or study a book, I pull out my trusty highlighter. I mark it upContinue reading “neon handiwork”

where to go for Hope?

I recently had someone ask me where i go to for Hope on those hard days. The sources I use to redirect me back to Him, so I can keep my eyes focused on my Hope and not the circumstances surrounding me. First, I turn to God, which is three part for me: The Word:  iContinue reading “where to go for Hope?”

talk to me

There are many voices we listen to, but one that can do the most damage if we give it free rein. And it may be impacted by the enemy, but it isn’t him. It’s my, your inner voice.  Our self talk can block us from hearing God’s voice, keeping our minds so humming we are leftContinue reading “talk to me”

I belong to You, forever You have my heart

Just like you, I need to be reminded regularly how much I am loved. And just like you, I have come to realize that I can’t always have my needs met by those around me. I fall into the mindset at times where I expect my loved ones to ‘just know’ when i need toContinue reading “I belong to You, forever You have my heart”

go to the source

I am an avid learner, as I recently shared in my desire to keep taking courses. I like to study the Word, read how others interpret the Word, and grow through the process. The image I am sharing today struck me as a great visual reminder of the three key ways to encounter truth, andContinue reading “go to the source”