blown it?

Ever have days where you feel like you have blown it so badly, there is no hope for you? I can relate. I have wished, like many of you, I could take back that dumb comment, kept my mouth shut, stayed out of ‘it’, handled ‘it’ differently, or knew then what I know now. ButContinue reading “blown it?”

under water

One of my favorite memories as a kid was being by the water. Even better, to be swimming, especially underwater. Seeing everything so clearly, removing all other distractions. Just me, underwater, awake and aware to the wonder around me. The thrill when I could first do a somersault underwater, then two in a row, thenContinue reading “under water”


Today, Beth Moore talked via DVD about the temple in the last of our current bible study series. Knocked me almost out of my chair. Actually onto my knees. I, like many of you, have struggled with my weight going up and down. Mine is a combo of hormones, lack of self control and someContinue reading “balance”

bind with grace & mercy

When was the last time you were shown grace when you least deserved it? Mercy is NOT getting what we deserve. Grace is getting what we DON’T deserve. Both show us just how much God loves us. But are we in turn showing that to those around us? I have had a few doozy situationsContinue reading “bind with grace & mercy”

unforced rhythms of grace

Rest and I are wrestling again. I am not talking about just physical rest, which is where 75% of my struggle is right now. I mean resting in God type rest. The rest that has eternal implications. In the busyness and weariness of the past week, I am once again struggling to maintain my innerContinue reading “unforced rhythms of grace”