I made up a word today.
(I may not have actually, but for the purposes of today’s post, let’s pretend I did for how I am about to use it!)
By my definition, weards are words meant to be heard:

w starts us off
ear reflects hearing
d to show the word’s almost done
s to show more than one.

At least, that’s the way I see it.

Today was a rollercoaster of words that were heard:

Word words
Constructive words
Encouraging words
Complaining words
Words spoken in pain
Funny words
Grateful words
Poignant words

There were a few that impacted me most of all, the words God meant for me to hear.

The caution in an area I need to stand firm in.

Genuine thanks for a job well done.

An encouraging email from a new sister I recently met (same Father)

A written reminder in my lunch how God loves me with an everlasting love.

When we depend on God’s Words to lead us, speak to us and guide us…we will be confident when God asks us to share them with others…. for when the Word is spoken, then the Word truly comes alive.

God spoke. The world & all it contains, human and creature, came to be.

Words have the power to build up.

The enemy, counterfeit that he is, tries to get us to use our words to tear one another down, dividing & wounding us.

Words have the power to hurt.

God reminds me through His Word and through His people who I am, how much He cared for me, and the type is person He has designed me to be.

Words have the power to release life.

May your words uplift and bless.
May they always be worth being g heard, these weards!

meant to say

I have a confession to make.

I leave words unspoken more than I like to admit.

Important words…

I love you.

I’m sorry.


Forgive me.


Miss you.


I need You.

Moments pass when the words could have been spoken, and I didn’t speak them…

Sometimes out of fear the person I speak them to will not receive them, or somehow reject me.

Taking my mind off of reality and venturing into the world of “What its” has me speaking all the parts in my head, and not out loud where they need to be said.

Or I don’t seize the moment when it presents itself as I am distracted by something else.

We don’t always have another moment.

Life can pass us by in the blink of an eye if we are not careful.

Don’t miss the moment you are meant to live out of fear.

Bring your fear to the One who shows us who He is, and how to make the fear leave by filling up with His love.

For perfect love casts out fear.

Say the words you are meant to say when you are meant to say them.

We are all called to bless and build up those around us, not to cower away and leave things unspoken.

If we are paying close attention to the ones we love, and the One who knows all things, we shouldn’t miss His cue to speak:

What can I do?

I love you.

Great job.

Thank you.

Need a hand?

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk.

“So encourage one another and build each other up….” I Thessalonians 5:11

When necessary, use words.


My prayer for you, for me: we will all hear His prompting whisper to speak the words needed to build one another up and show our love with both our words & our actions.

To live each moment to its fullest, leaving nothing we were meant to say unspoken.


Words are like salt.They can add flavour, melt ice and preserve life, when sprinkled right; or bring sickness when misused.
– Laugh Again Canada tweet

Let your conversation be always full of grace, (as if) seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.
-Colossians 4:16 (NIV, brackets mine)


How salty are your words?

I am not referring to off color or ruse language here, but words that add to the conversation- well chosen, uplifting, encouraging, wise, timely spoken words.

Words that are flavoured with kindness and grace, that can thaw a hard heart.

Words that encourage life and taking steps forward, leaving what needs to be left behind.

Words that are applied, like salt, as needed and with the right touch. Not too heavy, not too light, but just right.

Words that show you actively listen, and sensitively respond in a way that make the hearer know they are valued and respected.

When was the last time you were hurt by an unkind or untimely word? It stings, like salt on an open wound, leaving deep uncomfortable and sometimes unexpected pain behind. Such a word can leave you feeling ill, and off kilter.

When was the last time you spoke that word you wished you could take back? That spoken word that brought tears, divided hearts, left a rift in need of repair?

I remember using words as a defensive weapon when I was in high school, flicking them like a fencing epee to keep others from getting too close and hurting me. It never felt right, but it became a habit I needed to break when I entered the workforce.

I still remember crying over how cruel words and labels were that have been spoken over me, and my regret from wielding mine in a hurtful way.

It takes an awful lot of the right circumstances now to get me to draw out my old failsafe pattern….too little sleep, too little self care, not speaking up often enough about things that are really upsetting me, or someone failing to respect my ‘You shall not pass’ boundary.

As a writer, singer and avid reader, I understand the impacting power of a well chosen word. The power to bless or hurt. The power to encourage or dampen. The power to share love, or hate.

The choice is yours.

We are, however, not alone in this battle. We have a Guide in Holy Spirit, who prompts us on what To say and when to speak when we ask and listen for His direction.

God knows the power of words. His Word is full of them, and His son was a living example of this in the Gospels.

Take a moment, and pause before you speak. Ask God to help you speak as if your words were salt. Words that will add just the right amount of salt to heighten the flavour of the unique ‘dish’ in front of you, without being overpowering.

Use your words with care in such a way you always seek to preserve relationship with whomever you speak with.

Let’s leave careless words in the past, and move forward with kindness, grace and respect. You may be surprised how a carefully chosen a and delivered word can change a life. It could even be yours.