finding your sweet spot

Getting to know yourself is the key to finding out what revs your motor. When a car is finely tuned with care by its mechanic, and is running on the right fuel, the ride is sweet. Not taking care of your engine will cause damage to your car, not to mention the wrong fuel canContinue reading “finding your sweet spot”

salty or sour?

What fragrance do you bring with you when you enter a room? What we focus on permeates us. Sending out a message, whether we are aware of it or not, to those we encounter. Complain a lot? Whiny? Negativity falling off your tongue more than anything else? Does a smile rarely have an opportunity toContinue reading “salty or sour?”

kind words- health for the soul & body

Kindness is essential to our soul and body. You can connect with God, sleep right, eat well, forgive often & love your job, and still need kindness. We all do. We were designed to need encouragement. Genuine praise. Positive input. A well timed kind word. More than just a pat on the back or aContinue reading “kind words- health for the soul & body”