what’s in your cup?

I am an avid tea drinker.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love a good Americano, a perfectly balanced dark cup of coffee with a hint of cocoa & cherries, and I make a mean latte as a former barista.

But tea is my thing.

Whatever is in your cup in the morning will be customized by you, I can tell you with absolute confidence. You will add what you like, fix your cuppa just right before you sip from it. And if its perfect, you will consider that an added bonus to your day.  If not, it will leave a twinge of a bad taste in your mouth. Literally too.

We are designed to be holders of more than coffee or tea, Beloved.

We were meant to carry His Presence with us.

As His vessels (for the same of argument, a coffee mug or tea cup) we are meant to be filled with Him anew each day, and then overflow onto those around us.


Unlike coffee or tea, which when spilled stains, irks or causes pain, sharing His Presence leads to increased peace, greater joy, and a sense of being unlike anything else. Even better than the perfect cuppa coffee or tea.

There are a few keys to keeping your cup (yourself) filled with Him.

1. Read the Word.

Let it steep within you, flavouring everything you are with His truth.

2. Spend time with Him.

Worship Him, let His intoxicating aroma surround you as He draws near.

3. Invite Him in. 

Without water, tea leaves and coffee beans cannot be released to become as intended.  Without Living Water, we do not unfurl into who He desires for us to be. Ask Him to soak you as only He can.

4. Follow the Leader.

The best coffee masters and tea sommeliers know that without a skilled instructor who can both show you & offer their wealth of experience, your effort may be in vain as you attempt to put into practice what is only head knowledge. Learning anything new requires depending upon your teacher.  Holy Spirit dwells within us to teach & guide us.  Learning to follow Him as He leads us on will help us keep our cups topped up.

5. Stop for frequent top ups & refills.

Taking the time to recharge & refilled.  Don’t allow yourself to become drained.  Allow Him to remind you when you need to pause and become topped up. We are always free to drop by, for God is open 24/7 for all eternity, and the cost has been prepaid.

Today, take a moment and ask Him to fill you. Invite Him to use you to spread blessing into the lives of those around you.

Caffeine has nothing on His Presence, Beloved. Ask Him to prove it!


Steep in His Love

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Matthew 6:33 MSG

Afraid of missing out?

I know I am at times…maybe more than I am comfortable admitting!

There are days where I don’t get in those things I love to do, such as a freshly steeped cuppa tea to start off or end my day.  I miss my tea when I don’t make the time for it.

lightstock_101455_xsmall_karla_leesThe same can be said for our daily quiet time:  our faith needs daily steeping as well.

The Bible reminds us all that God is there for us in a real, life-altering way.

He extends His hand in a love driven offer for you:
To be with You.
To care for You.
To love You.

Honestly, I  need to reread the above verse from Matthew every day.

For it reminds me He is just waiting to help us.

He promises in His Word to provide for us, in every way we need, each day.

Just like tea, the more we steep in Him for our daily needs, the stronger the faith we will develop!

It’s time to come and soak, and let Him steep the truth of who He is deep within us, as we daily depend on Him to strengthen us, for….

He is real! – we are in relationship with a tangible touchable living God!

He started it!– All things start in Him, and as our Maker He knws how to best help us become the “us” He designed, made & hopes for.

He will provide! – He promises as we seek Him & give Him first place, our needs will be met.

Let Him take our daily rawness, and make something more wonderful as we steep in His Presence.

May we end up a sweet offering, pleasing to our King!

Note: this post was based upon my daily devotion which posted today at Remade Ministries, an organization designed to help women be remade in His hands:


naturally caffeinated

I am a rarity amongst most of my family & friends.

I don’t need to do coffee or tea to wake up in the morning.

I like to think of myself as naturally caffeinated, which is another way of saying I am wide eyed & bushy tailed from the moment I get up. I don’t need coffee or caffeine to get me going in the morning.

I have struggled over the years with many social events and family gatherings, as caffeine and I don’t get along.


Caffeine seems to spur on the growth of ovarian cysts, and brings on headaches when I cheat, usually by giving in (mostly in my mind, but not always) to peer pressure.

Because some people get offended because I don’t like coffee.


I worked professionally as a barista for 2 different coffee shops, one chain and one independent, for a collective total of between 6-7 years. I underwent a great deal of training (just short of my coffee master, as well as being our store tea expert) to recognize blends and regions of coffees, similar to what a wine sommelier undergoes. I know the difference between a well brewed coffee, and an incorrectly balanced one. I can tell what kind of food will pair nicely with the coffees I taste.

But I don’t like it.

And likely never will.


I am a tea girl, through and through.

The thought of a chai latte sends happy shivers down my spine.

My collection of green, white, rooibos, honeybush and herbal teas , with a few must have favorite black teas for special occasions brings a smile to my face whenever I glimpse it.

I walk into my favorite tea store, and feel at home.

You could say with accuracy, I am a tea lover.

Those who know me best understand this. When some of them enjoy their coffees, I enjoy my tea when we get together to hang out.

So why am I bring that up?

Because no matter how much anyone else tells me I must like coffee, i know I don’t, and won’t.

I love the smell, I love grinding the beans, I like making and serving coffee, but unless I am paid to drink it for educational purposes, I don’t.

Whether straight up, sweetened or with any kind of milk, I prefer tea.

The same for many of you. You may love something that other people around you may not like at all, or vice versa.

You may like the team that never makes it to the play offs.

You may wear red when this season navy is the new black.

You may like hanging out with family or at church, when your coworkers are out at the pubs or dance clubs.

You may watch PG and General rated movies instead of the 18+ ones frequenting the big screen.

The only 50 shades of gray you may care about are the ones popping up on your head.

You may take good natured ribbing, be on the receiving end of some pointed criticisms or be accused of close mindedness for your likes and dislikes.

Here are the lessons I have learned about being in these situations:

1: Look them in the eye and smile. Don’t give them the power to make you feel less than.

2: You don’t need to apologize for your view point. If you believe marriage to be sacred and live your lifestyle accordingly, you don’t have to defend it, etc.

3: Your “no” is enough when someone challenges you or criticizes you. Respectfully say “I don’t agree”, or “I see it differently.” If the person is being unkind, or doesn’t respect your boundary, walk away. If the Spirit leads them to genuinely ask why, ask for His leading to answer in the way He will best speak to the seeking heart open to hear the truth.

4: Be yourself. If you like green, wear it with all the flair and enjoyment you want. If you love to sing in the shower, do it. Who cares if you sing in tune?! Love paisley or plaid, decorate whatever you want in it. Enjoy it.


5: If someone will be hurt, demeaned, put down or crushed by your actions, they aren’t healthy likes. Spend some time seeking God and figuring out His best for your life. Just coz everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean God wants you to.

6: God made us all unique, but with one common trait: we were all meant to be in community, and united to Him. We are all different, but all meant to be supportive of one another’s giftings, calls and uniqueness. If you are surrounded by people who aren’t, or who ridicule your choices, find a new circle of support. Life is too short to miss being yourself, fearful of not being liked because of what you love. Or Who you love.

So I have learned that it is okay to be myself. God doesn’t want us to try and be who we aren’t.

I am one of a kind.
No one else will ever like all the things I do in the same combo pack.

And I am okay with that now!

You should be too!


My Top 16 Passions for 2015

I  love many things, but I am realizing there are a few things I am intensely passionate about.

Looking forward to a new year, I decided to jot down some of these swirling thoughts as a means of focusing my blogging & writing for the year.  for the days to come when I will need a jump start if I get off track and run out of steam trying to do it all on my own.

So each day, at least one of the following passions is gonna pop up here on the blog!


1. I am passionate about being MYSELF.

Since God only makes one of us of a kind, I am embracing the me He has made, and not comparing myself any longer to the rest of you one-of-a-kinders! After years of wandering, I am most at home in myself 🙂

2. I am passionate about WORSHIP.

I worship because I long to express back to God who He is, how awesome it is to be loved by Him & to offer my love back to Him in song.  I worship because I cannot help but do so.  I am passionate about song moving beyond words & music to connecting with God in His courts and pending time in His Presence.  Worship quenches the parched dryness, refreshingly watering my thirst for God .

3. I am passionate about the WORD.

Spending time in the Word with the author of the Word who is allowing me to experience a bite of it every time I open it is a thrill unlike no other, and is the only thing that truly satisfies my hunger for Him.

4. I am passionate about HOME.

I learned long ago that wherever I go, I take home with me. Home is not a destination, but in your heart. I love my cozy nest, but as long as God and my loved ones are with me, I can make any place my home. God is our true Home, and so many have missed out on that wonder. I am passionate about sharing He is our forever Home, God with us, God in us.

5. I am passionate about FAMILY.

I am an advocate for family as God designed it. The love, community & security He planned for us in family is staggering.

Staggering as well in how God simultaneously designed His forever family, and has always longed for us all to be a part of it.

For those who are hurting in broken families, however that looks, God offers comfort:

God places the lonely in families…
Psalm 68:6

God’s heart is for family, by natural or supernatural design. I adore my natural family,and have also been super blessed by the heart sisters God has placed me with in His family. 🙂

6. I am passionate about FREEDOM.

He leads the prisoners into freedom with singing….
Psalm 68:6

God doesn’t not want anyone bound, in any way- unless they are bound to Him with bonds of love for eternity.

God is all about freedom. The more you spend time with Him, the freer He will help you become.

7. I am passionate about WRITING.

I write because I feel the desire to create and express. I have been hardwired to, and I spent too many years losing this essential part of myself to allow myself to get distracted from writing again.

God has given us each a voice, and I am committed to sharing how He is blessing & keeping me on a daily basis.  My voice, expressed as only I can.

8. I am passionate about LAUGHTER.

…God gives them joy!
Psalm 68:6

Laughter is my new chocolate! I think we can all thanks Ann Voskamp for making that phrase better known! Laughter is so good for our bodies and soul.

Not being laughed at in any cruel or bullying sort of way, but the laughter shared between friends & loved ones, at a spontaneous funny that happens around you, at a raise, at your pet’s antics…

Did you know God has a sense of humour? I don’t believe its an accident we laugh, if we are all made in His image!

Laughing daily even for five minutes can help brighten your outlook.

(And don’t forget, a smile is more approachable than a frown 😉

9. I am passionate about BIRDS.

Yes, its true. I find birds fascinating, and have since I first learned penguin parents & chicks sing to find each other in crowds. I feel they represent freedom in the spirit, to soar high in His strength, the ability to sing their thanks all day long, and nurture their young in their nests. My fave verse, Psalm 84:3-4 captures all I love about birds up close!

10. I am passionate about SERVING.

We are meant to be there for others around us, not just to seek our own fulfillment. It is amazing when I make a goal or a dream comes true, but its almost always because someone else supported me as I journeyed. We are formed into a intertwined network on purpose, to be there for one another when we hit the lows, to celebrate the highs together and help keep one another strong along the way, as we complement one another with our gifts.

11. I am passionate about the ARTS.

I am an avid reader, singer, listener of music. I love to get crafty & appreciate the Creator of the world around me and my fellow creators. I express myself best through the arts, and bless & support those who do so as well.

12. I am passionate about TEA.

Those who know me well know that one of the high spots of my day is drinking a warm cuppa tea. The only thing that beats it is drinking it with company 🙂

13. I am passionate about LEARNING.

You can always teach an old dog new tricks if he wants to learn.

Learning is interchangeable with growth to me. It takes trial, error, achievement and observation to learn. Those who keep learning are able to flex with the inevitable changes that will come over our lifetimes.

14. I am passionate about COLOUR.

Life is full of a fantastic display of colour. Each colour represents God’s touch, as as such holds a glimpse of His beauty. If you love a colour or two, wear it. God loves when we appreciate His handiwork!

15. I am passionate about GOD.

He is my foremost passion, and the one I will have for eternity!
He is waiting to be found by all of us, and loves it when we introduce Him to those He is missing. He desires to be known, and reveals Himself to all in the hopes they will know Him one day.

I will never stop sharing the passion I have for the lover of my soul, and the keeper of my heart.
I owe all I am to Him. Under God falls Presence. I am determined to passionately pursue Him all my days, and beyond!

16. I am passionate about HOPE.

If you have been visiting the blog or know me, you know Hope is a part of who I am. Hope that God is in control, He is with us always, and every single time is for us, having our back.

My hope is a person, Jesus. My hope lives with in me, Holy Spirit. My hope leads me, Abba Father. In these three, my hope is found.

Life is too short not to live with passion.

Find yours, and ask Him to reveal to you how to live them out & express them in a way that gives Him the glory!