Give Thanks

Today, I give thanks.

Throughout my day, these are the prayers I will be praying in thanks to the Giver of all good things.

May Your Bride continue to give You thanks for all You are, and all You do for her each & every day.

I thank You Lord for Your…

LOVE. Poured out for all the world to see in an incomparably extravagant display of Your heart for us, Your Beloved.

FORGIVENESS. Wiping my slate clean as far as the east is from the west. 70×7. 24/7. What a gift!

GRACE. The fact You always welcome me with open arms humbles me and fills me with awed amazement.

MERCY. Oh how often I have need of this gift, and You never fail to extend it to receptive hearts!

FAMILY. The precious ones You have gifted me with from birth, and those treasures which arrived later.

COMMUNITY. The Body we believers belong to, and those smaller heart knit ones You have blessed me with.

REST. For each night You recharge us anew with energy. For each moment we spend resting with and in You.

DREAMS. How You show wisdom and ignite hope in our hearts through the dreams and visions You bless us with.

PRESENCE. How You never leave, forsake, abandon, forget or uninvite Your Beloved. You Are always with us!

YOUR WORD, which never fails to instruct, teach and guide us as Holy Spirit awakens us to the Truth it holds.