on course

People lose their way when they lose their why.

– Michael Hyatt 

You & I have something that millions of people out there do not have and long for.

We know our why.

We know why we are here.

We know who made us.

We generally know what He desires for us, and when we spend time with Him. we begin to learn what He wants for us in the moment, right where we are.

We know His love, His blessing, His grace & mercy, His forgiveness, His restoration.

When you know the One who made you, and why you are here, you can walk confident along the way He has for you.

When we know our Why, we can walk His way.

We are here because He purposes each of us to be.

Each of us has a way to walk which He has planned for us, while He walks alongside us.

Our Way is not just a destination but a person.

Jesus said to him, “I am the Way, and the truth, and the life. 

John 14:6

He is not only the way back to God, He is the reward we get to enjoy forever at the end.

When we live our life the way He long for us to live, we know our why….

Being in relationship, walking, with Him.

When we know the Way, our why, we can make it through the hard times of questions, grief and doubt which can take us over & try to suck us under.

Because He’s got us through it all.

Our Way never lets go of His whys.

Each of us is why He died & rose again.

Jesus was able to walk the path He had to take for our redemption because He knew His why.

And it was you & I.

Let’s follow in His footsteps, deepening our faith as we walk, knowing we are His why & He alone is our Way.


snapshots along the way: inbetween

In between the tomb and the reveal was time.

Time spent in flustered confusion.
Waterworks of weeping.
Loud lamenting.
Deep sorrow.

Not only over the One nailed to the tree, but also for their betraying brother who ended his life distraught over his part in harming the One they all loved.

They lost Judas too.

They didn’t yet get that Jesus wasn’t lost forever.

The big question everyone was either speaking about loud or in the forefront of their minds:

If Jesus was who He said He was, why did it have to go down that way?

Why the anguish, the suffering of Jesus? 

Why did the people turn on Him, after all He did for them?

Why did Jesus speak about remembering Him, and the temple being restored after 3 days?

Why is all this happening, God?

Why didn’t I pay closer attention to Him while He was still with us?

Not that much has changed in 2000 years, has it?

If you are being honest too, we all hate to wait. Being stuck in that inbetween, that ‘limbo’ holding space between actions. Waiting for what we cannot always know is coming. Waiting with wavering faith, shed tears, shattered dreams.

Jesus can relate.

I believe He took that time, not necessarily because He had to but to show us He understands the tension in between, coz He’s been there.

His whole life on earth was just such a tension. Fully man & Fully God, waiting for His big reveal.

We have a Savior who has lived through all that humanity has to offer us here on earth. 

He can relate.

Coz He has been there.

Instead of reminding us of what is about to come, we need to wait.

Remember the tension between reality and what we hope for yet to come.

And wait….


snapshots along the Way: Betrayed

As I have been rereading the Easter story, I have been struck anew by one word today: betrayed.

Jesus was betrayed to His death.

That sobering fact is not a simple one, but rather a way more complex than I have ever pondered and mulled over before.

Jesus was betrayed.

By one of His closes friends, one of the 12 He held most dear and invested countless moments, stories, and relationship building with over the three years they were together.

Judas was not a stranger, but a friend Jesus knew well.

That betrayal must have hurt Jesus deeply.

All of us have had someone betray us, but here is the clincher: Judas didn’t get that they were going to kill Jesus. He thought that Jesus would reveal Himself in power if His hand was forced, and the Kingdom of Heaven would come earlier to Israel.

I believe it is the grief of his misbelief mixed with his genuine love for Jesus that led him to His suicide.  Judas had no idea of what was to come, but Jesus did. And He knew it would hurt more than just His heart.

Yet he was not the only disciple to betray Jesus.  All the disciples scattered when Jesus was arrested.  Even Peter denied Jesus three times when asked if he was one of His disciples.  Like sheep without a shepherd, they didn’t know what to do when their leader was abruptly taken from them.

And all this occurred right after the first communion, where Jesus revealed His love to those closest to Him. Those He had lived & traveled with, those who had seen His miracles, and broken bread with, turned and ran at the first sign of major conflict.

Then you have the Jews. In particular, those in religious authority over Israel.  Those who spoke as God’s intermediaries to the people.

The very ones who knew the written Word inside & out missed the Living Word walking in their midst.

And because He didn’t fit with how they felt a rabbi or prophet should, they too betrayed Jesus by asking for His death.

Not only did they betray their countryman, their brother in the faith out to Rome, they betrayed their God in the most personal way possible – to His face, and to the death.

Pilate, the overseer in Jerusalem as assigned by the occupying Rome, knew Jesus was who He said He was.  And in refusing to stand up for what was right, he allowed a crowd to sway him to release a dangerous convict, a group of religious leaders to convict an innocent man, and betrayed Jesus to a horrible death he knew He didn’t deserve.

Betrayed by His loved ones.
Betrayed by the people He loved.
Betrayed by the one with the power to stop it all.

I believe part of why Jesus poured out His heart in prayer so fervently to His Abba in Gethsemane was because He knew the anguish He was about to feel in His heart over the layers of betrayal about to take place.

But there is one more level of betrayal to this story.

Because almost the whole world has heard of this Jesus, and what He did for everyone.

And when people refuse to take in the nail pieced outstretched hand offered as a free gift to all who accept it?

We become one of the betrayers.

If Jesus is who He says He is, then our refusal to accept it places us somewhere in the Easter story we would rather not be….one of the crowd who started out singing “Hosanna,” then began to chant “Crucify Him.”

This Easter, I am giving up keeping silent about Jesus.  For I don’t want to deny the One I love when asked about who I follow. 

I don’t want to break His heart by not acknowledging all he has done for me.

I don’t want to be a betrayer, or deny-er in God’s story anymore.

And because of what Jesus did on that cross, I am free not to do so anymore!  I am His, and He is mine.

His sacrifice makes me whole again. I don’t need ever head down the path of betrayal if I walk with Him to the cross.



snapshots along the way: He cares

Jesus showed how much He cared for all people as He walked closer and closer to the cross.

And that same care shines through as alive as if the Easter Story was happening today.

For it is.

When Jesus reached out to feed, comfort, encourage, teach, heal this around Him, His care was evident.

Every thing that matters to us matters to God.

He took the time to heal the ear of the guard who was there to arrest Him.

He took the time to build up Simon Peter, the Rock before the denials occurred.

He took the time to be with all His disciples, even the one yet to betray Him.

He took the time to pray, not stress over what was to come, because everything that matters to God mattered to Him.

Our eternal care was weighing heavy on His shoulders as the cross approached… yet He still took the time to show those He loved how much He cared.

His best friend & mother.

The thieves on either side of Him.

The tearing of the veil to let His people know for certain their Messiah had come.

There was no detail too small or overlooked in His life, especially His public life, because He took great care to reveal His care.

By giving up His life, Jesus demonstrated His extravagant love and care for the world in a costly, painfully necessary way.

He gifted us with the full weight of His care on the cross.

He took our sin upon Himself because He cares.

The Word has many verses that stand to remind us how caring our God is….but only one is needed to show the full picture of His heart for us.

For God so cared and loved the world, He gave up His only beloved Son, the One He adores, to death on the cross. Who ever chooses to believe in Jesus, and accepts His free gift of His heart poured out for our wrongdoings, will live with Him forever and ever.

John 3:16, my translation

There is no better illustration of His caring for us that giving up His own Son to help us make our way Home to Him.

And this care?

Lives on in the hearts & lives of those who follow Him. As we reach out our hands to help the needy, comfort the grieving, come alongside the lonely, support the hurting and love up on all we can, His care lives on through us.

Like fragile eggs, we the weak become His care package to the world.


snapshots along the way: His focus

What astounds me almost as much as His love?

How Jesus was able to keep His focus, His purpose first and foremost while He was here on earth.

You know, as I was thinking about His character, the fact that He never sinned struck me in a completely different way today.

Yes, He is Holy, and the perfect sacrificial Lamb for my sins.

But when we was with us?

He never sinned.

Think about that for a sec.

When we sin, we either offend God, or one another.

Jesus never lost His focus when He was on earth. He was here to show perfect love.

That means He never swore at anyone, He never used His words to intentionally deliberately harm, but to point out the truth in love.

He never caused another person harm. 


Even more so, He never caused His Father to be ashamed of Him because of His actions.

Stunned with silence.

How many times have we lost our focus, our purpose in our days?  In the heat of the moment, we allow our emotions to take over and dictate our behavior instead of relying on His way out.

Jesus was never ruled by His emotions, but by His Spirit.

Did He cry? Oh yes.  I believe His heart was hurting when His cousin John the Baptist was beheaded while in jail.  I suspect He cried over Lazarus because of those he left behind, Mary & Martha, who’d have been devastated at the loss of their beloved brother & likely provider.  But He kept His focus, and the purpose for which He came in mind.

Did He hunger & thirst? Fasting in the desert for 40 days would suggest He did.  Could He relate to those who were hungry? Feeding the crowd with a simple fish & bread takeout lunch show us He did…

His compassion for us revealed His focus, His love for us revealed His purpose.

The only way Home was with us, and never lost sight of why He was here.

Only His actions could restore us to God.

There was only One Way, and even though He was frightened as the man, the God stood firm by His choice, and kept going.

He continued to love up on the disciples, knowing they would scatter like fraidy cats, deny Him or worse yet, betray Him to the ones who would kill Him.

Even on the cross, He thought of His mother, and ask His best friend to care for her.

He never faltered in His steps towards fulfilling His purpose.

Humanity was the focus of why He came.

His longing to bring us all Home fueled His purpose.

Making a way back Home for all those who were, are lost.

His actions showed that you & I were on His mind all along.

We were always on His mind.

He never lost His focus, or forgot His purpose, and He can help us do the same.

Knowing why we are here and what we are called to do is only the first step.

Asking Him to keep us on track with every step is the part Jesus modeled so well, and longs for us to do as well.

May He become our sole focus as we live out our purpose.