the straw that loosened my tongue

I have a confession to make.
After a particularly long & hot day at my far away job, hubby was chatting with me in the car as we headed home.  I was hangry, and looking back, just ready to blow.

Hubby shared about an email he got from a friend who is all riled up in his disappointment over the stand a public figure has made about what the church should do about a hot topic.

And i lost it, as i got revelation at the same time.

Strange but true.

I basically said quite loudly,
“Who the crack cares what he thinks about the church? Its more important what God says about it!”

We get all caught up in what he says or what she thinks, when we should be more focused on what He says, and seeking Him when things aren’t as clear.

His Presence, His Word is what matters in our present, not the words & actions of personalities.

I immediately apologized to my hubby for my yelling my comment at him, but we both agreed it was a true statement, despite the delivery method.

When did we accept what humanity has to say about the church is more important than its Head’s instructions?

When we judge, bicker, backstab & gossip about where we stand on church issues, we fail to see where Jesus took His stand.

The cross.

He died so we could find Him wherever we were, no matter what we have done.

He died to welcome us into His family.

He died so we could fully live, as He intended.

He died for us to be free from the world’s mindset & treadmill.

He died for us, so we could follow Him, where He leads.

Its time to stand on His words, and stop fooling ourselves that people matter more than His standards.

That’s what got us into the messes of our world’s history, and why He had to come rescue us.

How does Jesus feel about His church?

He died for her.

He doesn’t want us to settle for second rate or second best again.

He wants us to seek His ways first, in everything now that we are His.

Especially in regards to His bride.

As part of His bride, I want to be the bride He wants me to be.

Pure, spotless, whole.

As we seek His standards for the church He so loves, I pray we will press in to the Word, become more obedient to hearing His voice over all the distractions, and follow where He leads us.



20 things we could all say more often.

Inspired by this cute video:
I am listing 20 things I think we need to say more often.

I agree with many of the video suggestions, but would pass on a few (corn dogs , BBQ sauce and fart sounds- now don’t you want to go check out that video and see what you may otherwise miss!) So here I go.

20. Nothing.
Sometimes not saying anything is the right thing to say.

The About Me section:

19. Let me get it.
Whether it’s a coffee/tea, that thing off the tall shelf you don’t need a stool for, or the cheque…everyone should pay it forward with kindness.

18. I did it.
When you make a mistake, own it. Denying it only complicates the matter, and adds more to the original mistake. (Mountains out of molehills)

17. I am sorry.
When you make a mistake, you need to apologize for it. Name the offense too, don’t just say I am sorry on its own. Rather, I am sorry for…..hurting your feelings, eating the last cookie…

16. I need your help.
We are not meant to do everything ourselves. Nobody is that good at everything. If you need help, speak up and say so. This will avoid much frustration, likely getting the job done correctly and on time!

15. Excuse me.
Not just for use with occasional icky odors, but for when you accidentally bonk someone with your purse or backpack on the bus/subway/train or in a crowded coffee shop/mall. Can be successfully combined with #17.

14. I don’t know.
Again, we are it all walking Google info sites. If you don’t know the answer, admit it. If its work related, adding ‘you will look into it’ is great as long as you plan on following through.

The About You section:

13. life is tough, but so are you.
Everyone needs to be reminded they can make it through the day, the end of boot camp, the project, the meeting, the season. 

12. You shouldn’t have, but I am glad you did.
Everyone likes to be thanked and appreciated deep down. Especially for random acts of kindness, or those little things that mean so much when you get them.

11. I disagree with you.
If this is said with the understanding conveyed that it is the idea you don’t like, and not the person, this can open up some great conversations. Should really be called: ‘I disagree with you but respect your opinion,  honor and like you as a person’.

10. You can do it!
When you see someone taking a leap of faith, encourage them! You can help make the difference if they are wavering or unsure, especially if it is something that is an obvious good fit for them.

9. Will you forgive me?
This one ties closely with No #17 (I am sorry) and #18 (I did it). Ask this only if you believe in God, because your ¿&9 out to ask this means He will forgive you for the wrong doing. The offended person always has the choice to refuse.
By saying ‘Will you forgive me’ to God directly for some way you may offend Him, the Word says He is gracious to forgive.
Forgiveness sets the person who asks for it free.

8. Want to talk?
I can’t tell you how many times I have taken a friend up on this one. We sometimes keep things in way too long, and need to unload but don’t want to be a burden. Hearing these words is freeing. Make sure you offer them as much as you take others up on their offering it to you!

7. Can I pray for you?
Knowing someone is asking God about what is hurting you is a wonderful way to bless someone. If you ask this one, do so immediately after they agree. Out loud, if you can, to the person you offered these words to. Pray as you feel lead to followup.

The About God:

6. God, this is weighing on me.
If something or someone is making you anxious, upset or angry, take the time to tell God about it and ask for His perspective to resolve it.

5. I am afraid.
Courage overcomes fear, especially when the courageous things are said out loud. Release the fear. Tell it to move out, you don’t want it anymore.

4. I need you.
This is beyond i need your help.
This acknowledges you understand just how fragile and broken we are here. And how much God want to step up and help us in His strength and His power.

3. I am tired.
I am empty, drained, have no patience left. Nada.
God specialized in meeting this need through Holy Spirit.
Any time we ask.
He is a constant energy source we need to join with wherever He is moving.

2. Ask.
For whatever it is. If you only have a piece of the puzzle, pray about it and ask God to reveal the answer/what you are lacking.

The every category words:

I love you.
Meant for us all.
God so loves us He sent Jesus.
Jesus so loves us He died on the cross for us. He also sent us Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit equips us and fills us daily as we seek Him.
Our relationships are always better when we know we are loved, and we have someone to reciprocate with love.
We are better spouses, parents & kids when love is our primary language.

This is my list of  20 things to say more often. What would you add?