love matters

Over the past several weeks, there have been world shaking events such as Nepal’s earthquakes.

In North America, we have been recently hearing news about Josh Duggar & Caitlyn Jenner.

They all have one thing in common… they all matter to God.

All His kids matter to Him.

The ones who know Him.
The ones who wander far.
The ones who come running.
The ones who don’t know Him.

Our part?
Not to judge, but to love.

Huh? you might be asking yourself.  What do I mean by that?

Only God can see the heart.
Only He was meant to judge.

We are to love ALL we encounter, whether live or via the media.

Because each person who has ever been, is and is yet to be born matters to Him.

Do I agree with everything I hear or see going on in the world around me? Absolutely not.

Yet God’s standards are to be my filter for how I respond, not my feelings.

I choose to pray, and speak love.

I pray for the Duggars. Its hard to have your sins made so public, and to have people’s judgment in response be so obvious.

I pray for the Jenners. Its hard to see a loved one privately struggle to decide who they are, and have the world decide they need to tell you how they feel about it.

I pray for Nepal. Its hard to lose your people to sudden tragedy, and be so dependent upon the rest of the world for its help to recover.

All of what matters to humanity matters to God, because we matter to Him.

His great love for us had Him pour out His all to show the world that love.

We need to be His hand & feet, spreading His Words & heart to the hurting, broken, confused we encounter each day.

Through thick & thin, we need to be the living reminder that Love wins.

Everyone deeply matters to God.

Our differences matter in how they keep us from Him & one another. 

May we be so found in His embrace that His love will become evident wherever we go.