when the wait seems so long

God has been so good to me as I have been trying to figure out what He is birthing in me. I have had all the cravings, restless nights and emotional mood swings hit in the past few weeks, as if I really was pregnant (nope, not!) as my spirit is trying to being theContinue reading “when the wait seems so long”

stop. watch. listen.

There is a way worth searching after There is a life worth dying for There is a hope found in the seeking There is a truth you’ve never seen before…. Stop, watch and listen To the Word, to the Truth -Kim Hill It’s really hard to not stay in motion for me at times. IContinue reading “stop. watch. listen.”

weight & see

Let the weight of glory come settle on us now…. -Bethel Music I am learning to wait. Like most of us, I dislike wasting time. But I am learning in His Kingdom, time doesn’t flow in an earthy fashion. Sometimes we need to wait. Not because God isn’t instantly able to answer us, but becauseContinue reading “weight & see”

Reason #2 to Give Thanks: When it Clicks

When something somehow goes right despite your fears or concerns, somehow clicking into place unexpectedly- I give God thanks. Coz when I invite Him in to the situation or day, He was there, and is the main reason for success when things click!   Knowing He is always with me reminds me the praise iContinue reading “Reason #2 to Give Thanks: When it Clicks”

come out

I can so relate to the scene in the movie Frozen where Anna keeps asking Elsa to come out from behind her locked door to play with her. In fact, I cried at that scene in the movie theater. Probably not the norm for that timing in that particular movie, but it struck a chordContinue reading “come out”

in the wait

Sometimes, all you can do in the wait is worship. I am so thankful for my best friends today. I was awaiting some test results (i have some inflammation in some joints not going away) and instead of hiding myself away (my usual for things that concern me directly) I asked God to help keepContinue reading “in the wait”

step back & behold, beloved

When we’re not so busy pushing in to belong, we step back and behold. We find we’re beloved right here with wide spaces for God to work. – Alia Joy, http://www.narrowpathstohigherplaces.com We need space in order to appreciate the bigger picture. When we hold things too tight or are too insecure to take a stepContinue reading “step back & behold, beloved”