the reflection of Love

God loves you.

No only does He love you, but He is Love.

And He is whole.

God’s not broken like you & I, and all those broken ones who love each other in ways that hurt.

For all of us are broken until He makes us whole.

Like He is.

God isn’t broken, so He doesn’t love as broken humanity does.

He loves wholly from who He is, Love itself.

And not only does Love find us, it restores us to wholeness through its continuous outpouring of love.

Love makes us worthy.

My definition of worth?

Worth = the value placed by the purchaser on the object of His desire.

His very Love came down, put on flesh & bone, and lived among us.

Showing us He is Love through the Son.

Even to the cross, taking on our sins…because He desired for us to know our true worth.

God Himself loved us worthy through Jesus’ life & death.

The perfect Lamb, the only One worthy of it all, laid down His worth to show us our value to Him.

God believes us worth His Love.

Worthy of Him.

Not because of anything we could ever do.

Because of the Son.

His Love is Himself, actively pursuing each of us.

He IS Love.

When we spend time in His Presence, we cannot help but soak in that Love.

And we are changed through the Son shining on us.

As we live out our daily lives, something fantastic happens because of our time spent soaking in His Love.

We begin to reflect it.

The Son radiates Himself, love, through us.

The Worthy One uses the ones He made worthy to reach those do not yet know their true worth, and those who need the reminder.

We reflect His Love on all we encounter.

We reflect Him.

With the sun beginning to shine more and more on me here in Southern Ontario with the arrival of spring, it is seen in the new growth, the warmth & the reflection on the water.

May we too reflect His love, Him so that others will grow, find their true Love & see themselves through His eyes: as Beloved.



A little ditty is running through my mind tonight… “God’s not finished with me yet.”

That truth is the opposite of how many of us feel…like we have been tossed on the top of the discard pile.

And it doesn’t even have to be for any outside reason as to why we may find ourselves discarded.

I have more than enough reasons to toss myself there:
I am not…………
I shouldn’t have ………..
I could have……..
I wish i………
I am……..

Our self talk can have us out of control and into a tail spin before we know it if we don’t keep our focus on the truth.

The truth about me, and you?

There are a few, but all interrelated.

We are not perfect.
We make mistakes.

Two truths that are not likely a surprise to either of us.

We are made perfect.
By a holy, gracious, merciful loving God.

Those two might come as a bit of a shocker to your system, but they are designed to be life changing truths that are to transform our self talk from our harsh reality to His eternal one.

God does not, will not, cannot EVER, discard any of us.

It is not in His nature.

It is us, you and I, who toss ourselves out of His presence.

God always welcomes those who approach with the genuine desire to meet Him.

To be transformed.
Made new.
Recycled, as it were, or better yet, upgraded to the beat possible model of ourselves we will ever be before we are finally remodeled in eternity.

The next time your mind trues to tell you you are only worth the rubbish pile, tell it the truth.

The value placed on you by God cost Him His son’s life.

He thinks you are priceless, irreplaceable and worth it.

Discard the negative and input the positive when that self talk starts up again.

It’s time to start walking out His truth in our lives.

And toss the trash thoughts back where they belong….

On the discard pile.



Connection helps combat depression.


We were hardwired to interact, both with one another & God. Lone wolf, black sheep or not.

Knowing you have a soft place to fall, arms of support, a listening ear, backing when its needed and words of love- this is the kind of connection our soul cries out for from birth.

Its ultimately the cry for our Creator, which we are better able to grasp when we connect with one another.

Everyone wants to know they are:


VALVES for short.

Our heart beats with joy when its valves are working properly.

Our life is less blue, less lonely with the oxygen of connection.

Our soul can find rest, peace with healthy interaction.

Its time to connect.
Not just be acquainted with.

Acquaintance implies a distance, a holding back from one another. At times a hesitancy to place value on a new relationship.

Each person you meet might be one who deep down is seeking connection. To know they matter, to somebody.

You may be placed in their lives to model the ultimate connection…a lasting permanent relationship with God.

You cannot tell from the outside all that may be stirring on the inside of those you meet….but God can.

You are part of His plan for reaching those in desperate need of connection.  To point the way for them to find who it is they are truly looking for.

You may end up blessed in the process!

(Hey, for those of you who want to read a bit more about how connection helps fight depression, click the link below to be taken to a great blogging site by:
Dale Partridge)