rest quote

Rest is so powerful,
it gives you confidence.
It doesn’t just tell you who you are, it keeps you in the place where you should be.

– Graham Cooke


Am I in the place God wants me to be, where He is leading me?

Without resting in Him, that will not be possible.

There are two kinds of rest.

I am not writing about physical rest, which is both necessary and refreshing, but the kind that takes root deep within us, in our very souls.

The kind of rest that takes our hands off the controls of our lives. And asks God to steer us in the way He has for us to go, where we can confidentially rest knowing He has His best in store for each of us.

Resting in His knowledge, not our own.
Placing our hands in His,
our trust in His love for us.
Our faith in knowing He is more than able to do beyond what we can imagine.

I don’t know about you, but I am quite tired of living a restless life filled with scrambling to find a tangible touch of something more than this life.

God calls us to come along side the river banks. To sit and rest in His presence. To jump into the river of His timing and let Him take me where He leads me along the waves.

This rest is the rest that boosts our confidence in the God we serve.

May you find the rest He has for you today, no matter how busy you may be.