Yesterday was officially Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. Those of us who have lost a child know three key things from our loss: 1. We think about it way more than once a year. 2. We need to talk about it more than once a year. 3. Things have been forever changed. Once a … More imprints


Ripping off the bandaid to show the partially healed wound below& exposing it to the air can be very painful…yet somehow refreshing at the same time. There are many wounds within everyone in various stages of healing. At any given time, anyone of us could be dealing with aftermath or fall out… your spouse cheats … More aftermath


When words cut deep, anger rises to the surface as the first line of defense. Some of us are able to tame it more quickly than others, while some struggle to get it under control. One thing we all have in common… We all hurt when words are used as weapons. Especially when the one … More cut


When you hit a wall, where do you go? When that question doesn’t get the answer you hoped for, or any answer for that matter, what do you do? When you can’t see the next step before you, how do you go on? Life may stump you. In all likelihood, it already has, and it … More stumped