when you have no words

Tonight, I am out of words. I was blessed to be able to sing as a part of the worship team at my church, and unexpectedly I sang at both services today. God moved me so much this morning, I needed a nap before the evening service. The words, harmony & melody flowed and pouredContinue reading “when you have no words”

when the lines seem crossed

Of all the games I played as a child, Broken Telephone was my least favorite. image from: http://cikguohsemgitu.weebly.com/broken-telephone.html I understand full well the impact of broken communication, and secrets. Almost nothing frustrates me more than when I am misunderstood, or someone has not been clear with what they want/expect of me. Not being clear andContinue reading “when the lines seem crossed”

Am I ever alone?

This morning, I was feeling pretty low. Snoring has been interfering in part with my sleep pattern, I was feeling lonely, achy and crampy this morning. If I had spoken, it would have likely been grouchy before 8 am.┬áNot my usual early bird chipper. So I posted the following to my personal Facebook page, becauseContinue reading “Am I ever alone?”

without words

There are times when words fail me. And I am learning that that is okay. This weekend, I went away with a few of my closes friends up north a few hours from our homes. I was overwhelmed at God’s handiwork around us, and my eyes could hardly drink it all in quickly enough. WordsContinue reading “without words”

meant to say

I have a confession to make. I leave words unspoken more than I like to admit. Important words… I love you. I’m sorry. No. Forgive me. Help. Miss you. Yes. I need You. Moments pass when the words could have been spoken, and I didn’t speak them… Sometimes out of fear the person I speakContinue reading “meant to say”

rewrite my story

How long can I stay Lost without a way to rewrite I wish I could rewrite this story Change every word of every line Write any story but mine Someone tell me when Can I start again And rewrite this story? ‘Rewrite this Story’ chorus lyrics from Smash There have been many days I tooContinue reading “rewrite my story”

actions vs words

Actions may speak louder than words but words can hurt longer than actions. Heather Palacious @wondherful Where are your words leading you to live? There are only three options when it comes to words: Destruction Edification Fluff When we use words, they are either used to build people up, tear them down. Just passing timeContinue reading “actions vs words”


Words are like salt.They can add flavour, melt ice and preserve life, when sprinkled right; or bring sickness when misused. – Laugh Again Canada tweet (@laughagainca) Let your conversation be always full of grace, (as if) seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. -Colossians 4:16 (NIV, brackets mine) How saltyContinue reading “salt”

kind words- health for the soul & body

Kindness is essential to our soul and body. You can connect with God, sleep right, eat well, forgive often & love your job, and still need kindness. We all do. We were designed to need encouragement. Genuine praise. Positive input. A well timed kind word. More than just a pat on the back or aContinue reading “kind words- health for the soul & body”