My Top 16 Passions for 2015

I  love many things, but I am realizing there are a few things I am intensely passionate about. Looking forward to a new year, I decided to jot down some of these swirling thoughts as a means of focusing my blogging & writing for the year.  for the days to come when I will needContinue reading “My Top 16 Passions for 2015”

merry go round

Sometimes life seems to spin around and around, like a merry-go-round. Don’t know about you, but i know that after a day of answering phones, computing, meetings, paperwork & billing….my brain is crying out for a breather, not more. Yet dinner needs to be made, the kitchen tidied after dinner was made, lunches prepped, laundryContinue reading “merry go round”

tips to inspire creativity Part 1 Writing

I have been getting to know another mom in a new bible study I am now attending. We were chatting, no surprise there, about our kids (as we moms usually do when we meet another mom!). She shared that she had been homeschooling her children, and trying to encourage them to work on their giftedness.Continue reading “tips to inspire creativity Part 1 Writing”