It’s hard to believe that God yearns & longs…

Maybe like me, you somehow have the notion that God is a solid figure sitting on His throne, staying set apart in His Holiness as He rules.

So far from the truth, that notion is.

God is actively present in this world. He is aware of each person on it, intimately.  He knows us all inside & out, knows our weaknesses, strengths, hopes, dreams, areas of brokenness.

Because He is right there with us in the midst of it all.

Jesus came to put skin on the heart of God.

God with us.

Jesus was the earthly demo of the heavenly reality of God always having been with us and always will be with us.

Jesus stepped into earthly time & space to give us the tangible face of Love.

Because His Beloved has never, ever been far from His thoughts, or removed from His heart.

No matter how far we run, where we try to hide or fall where we fail, He was & is, and is going to be there.

Actively pursuing His interest on earth- you, and I.  His beloved.

If, like me, you need to get rid of the lie that He remains separate from what’s really going on in your life, come into His Presence & soak.

Let His truth was over you like a waterfall, and His love flood & well up with in.

Its time to look square into His gaze today, head up, returning the love we see written all over Him to the Lover of our souls.

Beloved, come & be with your Beloved.

Give in to the yearning He has stirred up within you.

For it was designed to match His yearning for you!

One of the most precious pouring outs of yearning I have heard is Shane & Shane’s song Yearn. May it ignite the passion to worship within you, and lead you to a deeper revelation of who you are to Him!