pausing in the yearning

I have a confession to make.
I don’t like waiting.
In fact, I hate it.

Like a wild horse, I have been in need of taming in this area. And with the brokenness that came from the taming at His hands, I have found a secret that helps me in the inevitable wait.

Because we all have something we are waiting for, do we not?

When I am longing, yearning for something- I have found I am able to pause, breathe deep, and sneak in a moment of rest.

It doesn’t meant I am not waiting any longer.

Nor does it mean I am not yearning passionately for the answer I seek.

It means I can lay it down, put my head on Jesus’ shoulder, and rest.

A pause doesn’t mean you aren’t in motion.

It actually makes the motion more pronounced and possibly even more effective.

As a musician, I have learned the value of properly timed rests in the music I play or sing.

With the pauses, the music has a chance to be highlighted, and can sound more majestic, playful or worshipful as a result.

The white spaces make the black notes stand out.

The rests give the surrounding sounds movement.


I also believe that a pause or rest can also:
Rejuvenate me in my wait. 
Revitalize my passion.
Renew my energy and determination for the path ahead.

Instead of being frustrated by the pause, I am looking at it more as a pit stop on the long race of life.

Time to refuel, change the tires, take a breather and refocus before heading back into the race.

When we rest in Him, we pause to connect with God, who has already told us He has the best in store for us.


In our pause, we can remember His goodness, trust in His love, and rest deep within, knowing it is well with our souls.

Even if we aren’t there yet.