rest is a weapon?

Years ago, I learned how to connect with God in the quiet place within from Graham Cooke, a wonderfully kind prophetic teacher from the UK.

It changed me from a constantly stressed out young mom into a more peaceful woman able to rest in God despite the drama and sometimes trauma swirling around me.

I never really thought about that type of rest as a weapon before.

I inherently know that rest is good for me- does a body good, helps me focus and relax.

But a weapon?

This morning, as I looked up the word ‘rest’ on Google, I felt led to add Graham Cooke’s name into the search engine as well, and voila!

Rest is a weapon…the quote before this blog post.

Rest connects us to God and His Kingdom. As we hang out with Him, we start to see things through His eyes. Not just circumstances, situations and other people, but ourselves.

Resting before God helps us see, experience and come to know who we are in Him.

And when we walk out that reality, the rest we invested in finding it becomes a weapon.

Empowered by Holy Spirit, honed by Jesus, led by Abba.

Rest is the weapon you may be looking for to add to your arsenal for the kingdom.

Join me as we sit, rest, soak.

Sit in His presence.
Rest in His love.
Soak in His grace.
Rise with renewed purpose.

Rest is a weapon no one else can take from us. Only we can surrender it.

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