come Home

Come home, hope-filled prisoners!

He is always calling us back to Him.

This invitation is constantly being whispered to, sung over, insinuated as God reminds us, over and over, how much He longs for us.

Not just because He wants to be with us, in the romantic sense.

But because He wants us free.
Filled again with hope.
Rebuilt with His love as our foundation.
Putting His gifts within us to use for his Kingdom.

All of which primarily benefitting us.

Did you catch that, Beloved?

When we make it Home, He makes us whole.

The way we were always meant to be. The way He designed us to become.

Our part is to come Home.

Home is where our heart lives


And until our heart longs to be with God, we can be easily swayed by earthly pleasures and settle for trivial pursuits.

Imprisoned in a false home of our making.

Today, His heart is reminding you He is your true Home.

His arms wait for you to return, draw close and connect with Him.

The areas of bondage within us will stop at nothing to try to keep us bound, because there couldn’t be more than survival and the way things always are, could there?

I believe this verse gives us the clue.

Come home, HOPE FILLED prisoners.

We may even have to ask Him to stir up that very hope within us to be able to believe there is more than we can see, sense or feel right now.

He will.

He waits.

He loves.

He’s Home.


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